Highlights from this day

It was a short week this week getting ready for SLC. I was gone Sunday and Monday for PD and saw the children on Tuesday. They are learning a lot of ocean animals and next week we will continue talking and learning about ocean animals.  

CONFERENCES– Thank you all so much for coming to our Student Led Conferences yesterday. It was really great to see all the children moving around the classroom showing off all their hard work that they have done so far this year. The portfolios will be sent home to keep at the end of the year with even more work inside.   


JACKSON POLLOCK DAY- Sunday April 29th will be: Jackson Pollock day is one messy artist, please send your kids in old clothes that they can get paint all over.

PURPLE DAY– This Monday, April 30th will be Purple Day. Please have your child come to school wearing purple. If you don’t have any purple clothes then your child can bring in an item that is purple to show their friends.

SWIMMING- Wednesday May 2nd This will be our first day of swimming. Swimming will be every Wednesday until the end of school. *Please have your child wear their swim suit to school so we have more time to get things done before swimming. It will be necessary to have them wear only 2 piece suits for easy toileting. Please do not have your child wear a 1piece body suit or girl’s 1 piece swim suit. They must bring a swim cap. They are available for purchase in the school uniform shop but they can wear any kind.

They can wear their uniform or just any t-shirt and shorts over their suits on the day of swimming. They should also wear sandals, flip flops or crocs for the day as well. Please bring a separate waterproof bag with a towel, swim cap, and underwear to change into after swimming. LABEL ALL CLOTHING AND CAPS PLEASE.

DOLPHINARIUM field trip- Thursday May 10th The time has come for Pre-K to go on a field trip! On May 10th, we will ride the buses to the Dubai Dolphinarium at Creek Park where we will participate in the Mirror Maze, Bird Show, Lunch, and the Dolphin and Seal Show. More information and permission slips will be sent home next week. Please sign and return with the money by May 3rd.

HAG AL LAILA PARADEThursday, May 1st will be the parade at 8:15-8:40 (we are not participating in the parade but if you would like to come and watch you are most welcome.)

END OF THE YEAR PRE-K CELEBRATION- Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 15th! All Pre-K classes will come together from 8:15-9:15am to acknowledge the children, perform some songs and eat some food together. We need your help with bringing in some breakfast themed food such as eggs, fruit, veggies, croissants, sausages-please NO food with pork or nuts. Once the performance is over the children and parents will get an opportunity to eat and socialize in this really fun atmosphere.

RAMADAN HOURS– Pre-K and KG1 hours of school during Ramadan are from 8:00-12:45pm. Ramadan will most likely begin around May 17th.


Highlights from this week

This week we have been talking about sink and float, and why somethings sink to the bottom and other things float up to the top. I is fun watching the kids talk about what they think will happen with the items.

 I will be gone until Tuesday I have a training PD in Amsterdam, Ms. Derhyll and Mrs. Lawerence will be in my classroom.

Ellie loved the hummus and vegetables today for Tasty Treats.

TASTY TREATS- The children got to try homemade hummus and vegetables, the recipe was sent home with the children on Wednesday.

Please check your child’s folder. There is lots of information for parents in there. I letter came home about the end of the year and Ramadan.

OUR NEW UNIT- HOW THE WORLD WORKS– After the spring holiday we dove right to our new PYP unit. In this unit we are exploring WATER and learning that water is always changing and is part of our lives. We will inquire into the properties of water, the uses of water and why it is important.  This is the final PYP unit of the year and is sure to be full of splashing fun!

May 2nd Our first swim day.

Jackson Pollack day– will be April 29th– please have the children wear old clothes so they can get them dirty with paint.

RAMADAN HOURS– Pre-K and KG1 hours of school during Ramadan are from 8:00- 12:45. Ramadan will most likely begin around May 16.


Highlights from this week.

How the world works- An inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment. Water is ever changing and part of our lives.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG– Everyone is delighted to be back with one another and though some seem sleepy and adjusting to the schedule, they all loved being together. The room is full of laughter and chatter, as they are so verbal and willing to share! Some highlights this week were- making a diamond shape kite and flying them outside.

Sink or float?

SINK OR FLOAT EXPERIMENTATION- Next week we will explore which items sink or float in water.  For SHOW AND TELL, please have your child bring in a waterproof item to test. All show and tell for this coming week will go in  the water.

STUDENT LED CONFERENCES April 25th-26th– We are pleased to announce that student-led conferences are scheduled for April 25th and 26th.This is not a time for you to engage in an individual parent-teacher conference. The time is for your child to share their successes and goals in moving forward for the remainder of the school year. During your conference time, there will be other students sharing their portfolios with their parents. There may be stations or centers set up in the class for parents and students to participate in as well.

Student-Led Conferences will be held on  the 25th/26th April. The school will be sending out information about how to sign up for your child’s session.

  • A swimming note went home this week. We will be starting swimming the last week of April. Our swimming day is on Wednesday.  If your child needs practise independently getting dressed and undressed, please focus on that skill with your chid over the next few weeks.
  • Yellow class T-Shirt on Sunday’s for Free Flow Free Inquiry.
  • Second Trimester reports were posted on Synergetic this week. If you are unsure of your login, please contact the IT help desk at school located in the foyer.

The elementary library and Bookworm book fair partnering to bring you a book fair April 22-25th! It will be located in the elementary-side lobby, and will be open every day until 4:15, with extra hours until 6:00 pm on Wednesday April 26 to accommodate visitors for the student-led conferences.

Purple Day April 30th