Highlights from this week

Highlights from the week-
I want to thank Ms. Deryhll and Mrs. Lawerence for being in my class this week and taking such great care of my little ones. I will be out again next week. I am still in American dealing with family things. I will be returning the next week. Thank you for your support and understanding.  Mrs. Waldo

FEELINGS– This week we continued learning about our feelings. We had a great time with the feeling, “happy”, this week! The children especially loved singing and dancing to some new happy songs. Their favorite was this one- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUXk8Nc5qQ8

HAND WASHING- Dr. Amna and Nurse Hera came to teach us her lesson on how to properly wash our hands. It was a great review on all the steps we need to take to really get them clean.
Updates for next week-
No school SUNDAY- PD day for teachers
INTERNATIONAL FUN- With International Day coming on Saturday, we will be learning about many places around the world and will participate in several activities.
* International Paper Dolls- Today in your child’s folder, a white paper doll went home and the paper explaining to decorate the doll in the clothes or colors representing your country. Feel free to be creative and enjoy this project together. Please return by Tuesday.
*For ‘Show and Tell’ this week, please have your child bring a toy or item from your home country or from somewhere they have travelled to share with the class.
*DRESS UP DAY- On WEDNESDAY, the children are invited to wear clothes from their country. There is no parade but we will be sure to take plenty of pictures for you! Please provide a change of clothes if the costume is not appropriate for playing outside in.

Parent Information

Dear Parents

I have had some family things come up in the states and will be flying home for a week. Ms. Derhyll will take great care of your little ones while I am gone. Please feel free to email me if you need anything.

Thank you

Mrs. Waldo

Highlights from this week.

VALENTINE’S FUN– Tuesday, the children were so excited to pass out their valentines to all of their classmates in their special heart envelopes. Thank you for taking the time to help them make such a variety of cute cards. This was a great way to show how much they care for one another.

OUR BUDDY CLASS- This week we had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Talbit’s 4th grade class who are our “buddies.” The children were very excited to have the big kids come and read to them.  The kids and the 4th graders were very kind and responsible. We will be meeting up every few weeks all year to work on activities and have them read to us.

OUTDOOR CENTERS- We also had outdoor centers today, which included tossing and catching a ball. We worked on our hand-eye coordination.


FEELINGS- This week we will focused on the feeling “happy.” At last it was our turn to discover what makes us feel happy and how although we have other feelings, it is nice to try and move towards this feeling.

BOOK CHARACTER DAY on MARCH 8- March 4th is the start of UAS’ Literacy Month. One very fun event we will have is a parade with the children dressed up as a character from one of their favorite books or nursery rhymes. Please have your child start thinking about what they can dress up in. Please try and encourage your child to pick a non-superhero costume and be as creative with the costume as you like.


  • Wear Yellow T-Shirt on Sunday for Free Flow Free Inquiry
  • No School Sunday February 25th Due to Teacher Professional Development.

Happy Chinese New Year! Have a great weekend!


Highlights from this week.

FEELINGS- This week we focused on the feeling “sad.” We talked about how everyone feels sad sometimes and what to do when you are feeling sad. Our big focus with all our feelings, is helping them to identify what they are feeling and to be able to tell someone. We continually remind them that since they can talk so well now, they need to USE THEIR WORDS. Please reinforce this at home when they feel frustrated, sick, sad or even happy.

Joshua feeling SAD

Sports Day-Today we all enjoyed the activities of Sports Day. We started the day with a scooter race on the track. Then the children rotated between 6 activities- Long jump, Ribbon Dance, Obstacle course, Yoga, and Spoon Race.  Have a look on Flickr with your child of all the pictures and video I took and see if they can tell you about their day.

Jala doing long jump.

Olivia doing the ball race

HOME WORK/FUN– As the year is progressing the children are becoming more and more responsible. In class, we are teaching how to use real scissors. (child size but real metal.) They have all been very careful with them but many still have great difficulty with them. This is an activity they love, so I am asking that you spend a little one on one time with your child, working on this skill. Keep it fun and just for a short time periods.

Please remember -Valentines Day Cards- You may tape on one piece of candy/small token item to each card, if you would like. You only need to write/or help them trace their names- From: (Child’s name). Please do not write the names of their classmates. They will be passing them out in special envelopes themselves and names are not needed. Please return them by Monday, Feb.12th.







Sports Day Tomorrow-Yellow Shirts


PK-KG1 Sports Day is TOMORROW!!! Your child should come to school wearing their YELLOW class t-shirt and velcro running shoes. No skirts or dresses please! Make sure they bring their normal 2 snacks and water bottle as well.  Please be on time tomorrow – we will go inside at 7:50 am. This will be a teacher managed activity and no parents are needed. Thank you!!!…

Highlights from this week.

POSH PAWS- Of course the animals visiting our school was the highlight of this week! The children were all very brave and such risk-takers when they helped to feed and pet the animals. Please ask them about their favorite experience from this event as you view the photos on the Flickr account.

Reed feeding the Parrot

OUTDOOR LEARNING CENTERS– The cooler weather has allowed us the opportunity to do special activities outdoors. Every Thursday, each Pre-K class spends 40 minutes outside in outdoor learning centers. This week children chalk painted, playground play, balloon carried, and fun with coding.

Next Week:

FEBRUARY FUN– In addition to a new unit, this month we will focus on how to be caring and kind, the number 6, the shape heart, the color pink, and the artist Jim Dine. Thank you for working with the children on scissor skills by allowing them to practice cutting at home and for teaching them how to dress themselves alone, as I have requested in previous blog posts. I can see a difference in many students!

FEBRUARY 14- Wednesday- VALENTINE’S DAY and COLOR DAY- As a way to celebrate our friendship and love for one another, this day will be a very special one. They may come dressed in either red and white or pink.

We are asking every child to bring in 17 cards for their classmates. I have printed 17 cards and sent them home in your child’s folder. Please have them color them. They can either be traditional type Valentine’s cards, or you may help your child make them using paper, stickers, pictures, and colors. You can keep them simple and not any larger than a half size of A4 paper. You may tape on one piece of candy/small token item to each card, if you would like. You only need to write/or help them trace their names- From: (Child’s name). Please do not write the names of their classmates. They will be passing them out in special envelopes themselves and names are not needed.

Have fun making these over the next 12 days with your child! Please return them by Monday, Feb.12th.

LIBRARY DAY IS EVERY SUNDAY- I know Sunday it is difficult to remember to return books after the weekend but please help them, so they aren’t sad to miss out on getting a new book each Sunday.

February 4th Open Inquiry –Yellow Shirts

February 8th Sports Day – Yellow Shirts

February 11th – PD -No school

February 12th Valentines Day Cards send back

February 14th– Valentines Day Celebration (pink day)

February 18th– Open Inquiry –Yellow Shirts

February 25th- PD- No school