Highlights from the week.

WELCOME BACK- I hope you all enjoyed some special family time over the holiday. My family and I had a wonderful time in Prague. It’s been nice to be back here again too, with your happy, eager little ones!

Our New Student- Joshua

We have a new student Joshua, the kids all welcome him and has had a great time playing and getting to know him.

The kids jumped back into school wonderfully. We are finishing up animal homes and will start people homes this next week. We worked on our bee hives and caterpillars this week.

Our Caterpillars in there cocoons.

CATERPILLARS TO COCOONS–  In our continuation of homes, this week we learned the changes that happen to a caterpillar as it grows. We made our own caterpillars, took them outside to feast on leaves and today they are in cocoons hanging. We are eager to see how long it will take them to change into butterflies! (They drip painted symmetrical wings which will secretly be put on as a surprise.)

***Important***Student dress code at UAS was mentioned in the elementary blog earlier this week. Please make sure your child is wearing the UAS school uniform to school (T-shirt, Jacket, shorts, trousers etc). We are noticing many children wearing non UAS uniform clothing. In the Early Years we are happy for children to be wearing plain navy bottoms if need be due to uniform sizing. 

BEING RESPONSIBLE– The children have learned so much this year. A few examples are how well they pack and unpack bags, clean up the classroom materials and toys, wash hands, walk in a line, use an inside voice and most recently, take off their shoes and put them on by themselves. One area you can help them at home is teaching them how to get dressed independently. Many still struggle to put on the art shirts over their uniforms.  With swimming coming up in April, now is a great time to make sure they can undress and dress themselves. Please let them dress themselves every day, so they become confident in this area.

Updates for next week.

OUTDOOR LEARNING CENTERSStarting January 18th. The cooler weather has allowed us the opportunity to do special activities outdoors. Every Thursday, each Pre-K class will spend 40 minutes outside in outdoor learning centers. This week children bowled, played tennis, played with big dinosaurs, hammered plastic nails into foam boards and got messy with plastic animals in the mud.

Posh Paws Animals– Our animal friends will be coming this to UAS. More Information to come.

BLUE DAY Wednesday the 31st will be our blue day! Please have your child wear blue and bring a blue show and tell item this week.

Important January Calendar Dates- 

  • January 18- Outdoor Centers
  • January 31- Blue day
  • Posh Paws – TBA
  • January 21-  Open Inquiry -Wear Yellow shirts
  • February 1- Sports Day – Wear Yellow shirts

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