Highlights from this week.

UAE National Day

It is a 4 day weekend/holiday There is no school tomorrow or Sunday.

 This week: We had a week full of UAE activities! We learned that Dubai is in the UAE, that the UAE is a country, and it is where we live! We read books like One Humpy Grump Camel, A is for ArabiaTwo Great Leaders, and Noura’s Numbers.  During centers, we made camels, made a falcon, and watched a video about the National anthem.

CELEBRATIONS!–  We had wonderful UAE parental involvement today. Thanks to our 5 parents (‘sParisa mom, Ellie’s mom, Jasimine and Amani’s mom, Khizr’s mom and Gia’s mom, and Mariam’s mom) who came and helped out with our UAE centers. They took small groups around different activities. Thank you to all the Emirati family’s in Pre-K, KG-1 and KG-2 who brought in UAE foods for us to enjoy.

The fun will continue today from 5-10 pm, so bring the family for more, if the kids are not too tired out already. Don’t miss out on the all new photos on Flickr!

 December Dates

 December 11th RED Day, please have your child wear something red to school.

 December 14th we will have a pajama day where the children come dressed in pajamas and get to bring a cuddly toy for show and tell. There will be a Santa visit with pictures and Santa will read all the kids a story. Also, the winter holiday begins on Dec.14, noon-dismiss and we return to school on Jan. 7th.


National Day Update

Dear Parents, 
To followup on the National Day parent information you received earlier today from UAS, we just want to clarify a few things. 
PK and KG1 decided not to attend the outside activities that the Emirati Club has organized. Although these students have done a great job, we felt that most of the activities were not as age appropriate for our little ones. So instead we have organized our own UAE Fun Day for Wednesday. It will be packed full of exciting activities and we want to THANK our many parent volunteers assisting us! 
Please allow your child to dress in UAE National Dress or UAE colors (red, green, white and black) forWednesday. Also, send snack and water bottles as usual. 
Thank you so much for supporting our Early Years experiences! 
PK/KG1 Teams

Highlights from this week.

Highlights from this week.

We have had a busy and full week.

We practiced sorting objects by shape, color and category.  This week we have been practicing our cutting skill and trying to cut on a straight line.

Qiyni planting her plant.

We planted our plants in dirt and they are growing in the window in class. The children love watering them everyday and watching to see how much they are growing.

Rio, Ellie and Khirz giving there caring box.

We played in the new drama room, the theme right now is bakery and flower shop.

 Finally, all of our hard work paid off. We presented our support staff with our kindness boxes. The students were so proud of themselves. They brought in the items, placed them in the boxes, painted the boxes and made cards for each person. Our class was able to fill 8 boxes for support staff. Thank you to the parents for bringing in those items. The students then told everyone thank you and handed them the boxes.

National Week is here!!

  • Monday, November 27th: YELLOW Day- Please wear yellow.
  • Wednesday, November 29th: UAE Fun Day and Afternoon Fun– WEAR NATIONAL CLOTHES- Candoras, Abiyas, or any other UAE clothing All students are encouraged to wear UAE colors (red, green, black and white) or UAE national dress. (This is NOT your child’s national/country dress, unless you are Emirati of course). There will be lots of photos on this day!
  • Thursday, November 30th: NO SCHOOL _UAE Holiday!
  • Sunday, Dec.3rd : NO SCHOOL- UAE Holiday!






UAE National Day

UAE National Day Celebration Wednesday November 29, 2017 PreK -9:30-10:30

If you would like to volunteer to help take children to the UAE National Day activities that will be outside during school hours, please sign-up below. Exact times will be posted once the school schedule has been finalized. If you would also like to be contacted about other volunteer opportunities during this week please indicate it below. Thank You!



Highlights from this week.

Jack and the bean stock.

Jack and the bean stock show-

The kids really enjoyed Jack and the bean stock play. We went over in the morning and afterwards we did a few activities that went along with the play.

Diabetes Awareness Day

Fun races on the field for Diabetes Awareness Day

The kids had a wonderful day with lots of fun activities. First we have 4 different races on the field and afterwards had a picnic on the grass with our friends from PreK and KG1.


I hope you all had a great conference and walked away feeling positive. I enjoyed getting to chat with you about your wonderful children and how much progress they have made so far. We have come a long way. I am so proud of how much they have grown and matured in such a short amount of time. Thank you all for working with me and trusting me with your precious little ones. You will receive report cards in December.

Next Week

Class photo’s will be Thursday November 23rd  at 8:00am . Please make sure your child wears their UAS polo/collared style shirt and either shorts, pants or skirt.

November 27thYELLOW DAY

We will be celebrating UAE National Day with a variety of activities during the week of November 26-29. We need a few parents to assist with taking students around to the exhibits on November 29. Please open the link if you can help…


November 30th No School


Highlights from this week.

Highlights from this week.

 SEEDS AND PLANTS– The kids are enjoying watching their seeds grow. We will be planting them in dirt next week. I’m always amazed myself that life comes from a tiny seed that looks all dried up! They have been amazed too. It will be fun to see the growth that occurs over the long weekend.

We have started our new unit, we are talking about Homes and what animals live in what type of home.

Reed was a night and a dragon with 5 tails.

Last day in the drama room. The TA’s are working on changing the theme of our drama room. So next week there will something new in there. I was out today, I was coaching at a swimming meet, but heard from Ms. Derhyll that the kids had a wonderful and fun day.

 Updates for next week.

The Book Fair is open each day next week, from 8:00-4:30. You can also shop on your own before or after your Parent Conference next week!   Next Monday, November 13, we will be treated to a Jack and the Beanstalk play by the Lollipop Theatre, in our MPH. We will go promptly after 8:00, so please don’t be late for school. In the event you arrive late, please bring your child to find us in the MPH. Also, please make sure they use the toilet before coming to school. Next Tuesday, November 14, we would like to have ALL items (Shampoo, lotion, razors, etc) that we requested for our UAS Support Staff Caring Boxes, turned in. We will be preparing the boxes to give to our wonderful Support Staff. We want the students to be able to place the items they bring into each box, so PLEASE let me know if you forgot what your child needs to bring. We want all of them to participate!   Next Tuesday, November 14, UAS is taking time to acknowledge Diabetes Awareness Month. It is estimated that 1 million people in the UAE suffer from this disease. Please have your child WEAR BLUE as a reminder to stay healthy and try to avoid this life threatening disease. Next Wednesday, November 15 and Thursday, November 16, there is NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. These two days are set aside for teachers and parents (no students) to meet and discuss how things are going so far this school year. You have been given lots of information regarding the survey, how to sign up online, sibling schedules and so forth.

November 27th Yellow Day- wear something yellow to school.

Have a good weekend.


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