Highlights from this week.

I want to say Thank You to all the parents who sent in fruit or vegetables for the class to try. The children loved trying all the new foods and telling me which one was there favorite.

LIBRARY CHECK OUT– This Sunday Ms. Leslie allowed each student to check out one book (their choice) from the library. Every Sunday, the children will be able to take that book home until the next Sunday. They will only be allowed to check out a new one if the return the previous book on Sunday. Make sure to have them take good care of them and spend time reading them to your child. PLEASE RETURN THRER BOOK ON SUNDAY.


MANNERS MATTER- This week we learned and practiced using our best manners, especially when eating our snacks. They are proud to be trying their best to:

  1. Stay in their seats while eating. 2. Eat healthy foods first and 3. Say “please” and “thank you.”

I have had some questions about how snack time works. Basically, the children have a morning and an afternoon 20 minute time to eat their food. We know how important it is to make sure they eat during the day, so we encourage them a lot during this time. I do not allow them to get up before the 20 minutes is over, even if they say they are finished. I encourage them to talk quietly to one another and encourage quiet talking and have table conversation. I ring a bell after the time and they clean up- packing up their own bags. I am proud how independent they have become in this area.  Please enforce these manners at home as well.

– I will be sharing some wonderful favorite books that are great for your child to have at home. These are stories I read over and over to them. The last 2 weeks our story focus has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. In it we saw the foods the caterpillar ate and the changes that happen when a living thing eats healthy foods.

We got a new student this week, this is Zayed.



ORANGE DAY- Tuesday, Oct.31st , is the day your child may wear orange or bring in something orange to show/share for show and tell! (No need to wear uniforms.)


HALLOWEEN TREATS- On Thursday, October 26th , Pre-K and KG-1 classes will be trick or treating from class to class.  As part of the American Halloween tradition, the children will receive something when they knock on the door and say, “Trick or Treat!”  We are trying to encourage less chocolate and candy and MORE small treats (pencils, erasers, rings, stickers, plastic jewelry, tattoos, rubber balls, small toy cars, etc). Daiso and The Party Store have a lot of fun treats like this.   We would also like to encourage healthy snacks – fruit snacks, raisins, pretzels, breakfast bars, etc.  In order for us to have this special celebration we will need each child to bring in individualized treats for at least 30 children.  Please DO NOT send any small hard candies or jelly cups (heart candies, mints, etc.) as they pose a choking hazard.  We have several children who have severe allergies to nuts so please do not send any products that contain nuts.  The children will not be eating the candy at school so you will have a chance to check through it before your child eats it.  We are encouraging them to share what they receive at school with their families.

Please send the items to school by Wednesday, Oct. 18th

YOGURT BUCKETS– Each Pre-K child will collect their treats on Oct. 26th  in a 1kg. yogurt container. Please bring in one washed 1kg. yogurt container with a lid by Oct. 18th .

Thanks for your support!



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