End of the year PreK video.

Dear Parents,

I just want to thank you for such an amazing year. I have loved every minute of school and having such a wonderful opportunity to work with each of your children. I am so grateful for all of your help and support this year, I definitely see that as being one of the reasons why our class worked so well together, thank you very much.

Thank you again for this wonderful year.

MEMORIES VIDEO– I posted this video on Youtube but it can only be viewed with from a computer. Hopefully, everyone has been able to see it!

Highlights from this week.

Moving up to KG1

PreK participated in Move Up Day on Tuesday. Students had a great time visiting the KG1 classrooms for a little chat of what to expect for next year and engaging in some activities to show how smart they are! The students were broken up into three groups, which means they got to work with friends from other classes. Mrs. O Reilly, Mrs. DeCruz and Mrs. Waldo commented on how principled all of our students were! Click Here

*In addition to moving up day, PreK, KG1 and Kg2 all participated in Free Flow this week.

* NO SCHOOL THURSDAY (tomorrow) or SUNDAY for Eid al Fitr holiday!

*This week your child has brought home many different things. They are all yours to keep at home.

* Playground/Morning arrival – Students should continue to bring water bottles with them each morning when they arrive on the playground. We are going to continue staying out until around 8:25each morning for next week!

On Monday, the rest of the school will go back to regular dismissal time, which means PreK bus riders will leave at 12:45, as they did before Ramadan. After School Care will resume normal schedule, unless you notify me otherwise. Parent Pickups are still 12:45 for PreK.

Tuesday is Fun Day- Students are NOT swimming this day, but will get wet! Please have your child wear their swimsuit to school with their Yellow class shirt over it, and any shorts they don’t mind getting wet! They are also encouraged to wear a hat, as we will be outside an hour or so! Apply sunscreen before school if needed. Then, send a dry uniform shirt/shorts/underwear/towel and slippers inside a bag, so they can change and come home dry!

FATHER’S DAY– The children created a special gift for their dads.  Father’s day is celebrated on Thursday June 21st.  The gift will come home on Tuesday. We wish all father’s a wonderful day!!

Wednesday is a swimming day– Have the children wear there swimming suits again for our last swim day this year.

Thursday is the LAST DAY OF PreK with 12:45 dismissal! There is no school for PreK and KG1 the last week of the school year, due to Early Years teacher professional development and planning for the next school year!


Highlights from this week

LIBRARY BOOKS- All library books should have been returned by now. If your child still has a book at home, PLEASE return to school ASAP, so that fines will not be charged for lost or missing books!

Open inquiry Sunday – Please have your child wear their Yellow Shirts. This will be the last week we do this.

PORTFOLIOS- Your child will bring home their portfolio next Wednesday, June 13. These are complete and are yours to keep! We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them!

MOVING UP DAY- We will visit the KG1 classrooms, next Tuesday, June 12. We will begin promptly at 8:30, so please have your child at school by 8:15! Your child should WEAR THEIR YELLOW CLASS T-SHIRT. Parents will not attend this.

EID- There has been no formal announcement yet regarding the EID holiday. Most likely we will be off school 1-2 days. We will notify you when we receive the announcement.

LEAVING – If your plans for your child’s last day has changed from what you have told me already, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, so that we can have everything prepared and say our proper goodbyes!

June 20-Wednesday- Color day/Rainbow day– Have your child dress in as many colors of rainbow as they can for a fun color review.

Ellie swimming in the big pool.

One of our reflections from our Who We Are unit is having each child reflect on how much they have grown and learned from the time they were a baby, at the start of school and now in June. My how they have grown up!!




Highlights from this week

Highlights from this week.

Joshua learning to swim across the pool.

 DIVING IN DEEP– This week we also enjoyed making fish prints with a real fish, swimming like fish underwater in the pool, we also went into the big pool, fishing with poles and magnetic fish in our water table and singing some of our favorite fish songs- Baby Shark, Listen to the Water, and Water, Water, Water.

PAINTING- In this messy, chilly sensory activity, we froze ice trays after each child added one color of paint and mixed it into the water. They were so excited when we went to the freezer and saw the colored water had frozen. Playing with the ice, they rubbed them all over their papers to make a colorful creation. We are also talking and exploring all the different artic animals and were they live.

Tuesday, June 19th– PreK FUN DAY please have your children wear there swimming suit to school this day. We will be doing lots of fun water activities.

Wednesday, JUNE 20th -RAINBOW DAY! This will be our last color day of the year. Please help your child dress in as many colors as possible!

Wednesday, June 20thSWIMMING DAY– will be our last swim day at school. Please help your child remember all of their swim gear for this week.





Highlights from this week

Today we attended the Grade 2 musical. It was a wonderful time and a lot of the kids had siblings in grade 2. The musical was in the MPH and was based on  Harold and the Purple Crayon a story the kids know very well.


Grade 2 musical

Ice PaintingICE PAINTING- In this messy, chilly sensory activity, we froze ice trays after each child added one color of paint and mixed it into the water. They were so excited when we went to the freezer and saw the colored water had frozen. Playing with the ice, they rubbed them all over their papers to make a colorful creation.

Next week:

Sunday – please return library books.  This is the last week to borrow books!

Sunday – Wear your yellow shirts for free flow.

Wednesday- Swimming please make sure your child has everything they need for swimming.

Wednesday- Black and White Day


BLACK AND WHITE DAY: Wednesday, May 30th will be our color of the month day at school. Please have your child either wear or bring in something that has either black and/or white.

  • UAS Food Drive– Our PTSO is also sponsoring a Food Drive from now until next Thursday, May 31st.

Grade 2 Musical, Thursday May 24th

We will be attending the grade 2 musical this Thursday. Because the musical begins at 8:15, students who are here at 8:05 will attend. However, if you would like to bring your child later, they can remain on the playground and enter the building at 8:25. Students staying behind will go to Mrs. D’cruz’ KG1 class until the musical is over.