Caring boxes

Good afternoon,

Early Childhood is planning on passing out our gift boxes Thursday to our wonderful support staff. Thank you to so many of you for donating items to fill our boxes. Unfortunately we are short a few items. In order to make all of the boxes the same I am asking if you might be able to donate one of the following items. if so, please send it with your child by Wednesday. Thank you for your generous support.

bottle of shampoo

bottle of lotion

tube of toothpaste

a comb or brush

can of shaving cream

Thank you,



Dear parents;

It was so nice to see everyone on Wed and Thu for the conferences. I can see why I have such a great group of children, because their parents are so nice!! Thank you for taking the time and coming to meet with me. I really enjoyed getting to know you better and spend some time talking about your child.

Here are a few reminders of things coming up soon:

  • PTSO Thanksgiving dinner Sunday, Nov. 19th at 3:30. Bring a dish to share. All are welcome.
  • Photos Wed. Nov. 22nd
  • Early childhood is setting up a small UAE Museum in the old drama room. If you have something that you would like to lend us for our display that would be great. It will be returned to you on the 29th, Please do not send anything breakable or valuable to you either monetary or sentimental. We will do our best to take care but accidents in EC can happen.
  • There will be a UAE National Day celebration on the 29th during the day and then after school. More info will be coming to you soon.
  • There is no school on Thursday, Nov. 30th in celebration of National Day.
  • I will be testing the children on their color words on Thursday, Nov. 23rd. so keep practicing. Remember, they only have to read the words, not spell or write them.
  • We continue to have sick children (including Ms. Naoemi) Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well, even if they don’t have a fever. Maybe you can cachet early! They must be totally fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Take care, Lois


Our photos will be taken on Wednesday, Nov 22nd. Hopefully everyone will be healthy by then.

Your conference time is on a slip of paper in your child’s blue folder coming home today. I look forward to meeting with you on Wed or Thu.


Heads up

Good morning,

Just letting you know that we have some kind of flu going through the classroom. We have several children absent with high fevers. Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well so we can hopefully let this flu pass by us and your child can recover quicker.

Thanks, stay healthy!!


Next Week

Next week is a very busy week.

Sunday, we are going to Kidzania. Please be sure they wear their uniform and comfortable shoes. They should bring their water bottle and a snack but no lunch. If they have old kidzania money they may bring that with them if they wish. We will provide a small bag for them to keep their money in. They can also bring their own “purse” if they want. No real money is needed as you have already paid entrance and lunch.

Monday, we will be watching the play of Jack and the Beanstalk in the MPH.

Tuesday is Diabetes Awareness Day. The children may wear blue clothes on this day. No uniform necessary.

Wednesday and Thursday are Parent/Teacher conferences. I look forward to meeting with you then. No school for the children.


  • Please send your donation for the Dubai Care boxes.
  • The Bookfair will be going on all week. If you would like your child to buy a book on their own we will be going to the fair on Tue. Morning. You are more than welcome to go after school any day or Wed. and Thu. during your conferences.
  • Fill out the survey about your child for parent/teacher conferences.

Enjoy your weekend,



Parent Survey

Good morning,

Please complete the survey below. This will help me prepare for the parent conferences next week. It should only take a few minutes to complete. This is in lieu of the 3 Stars and 2 wishes form that was mentioned on our Nov. calendar.

You should have received the information about conferences on the 15th and 16th. If you have more than one elementary student you have been pre-assigned a time. If this is your only child you will need to go in and schedule your time. I look forward to meeting with all of you then.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,       Lois



Dear Parents;

Thank you for ALL remembering to send your child in a white t-shirt.

Today your child will be bringing home their first sight word test. Sight words are words that they should be able to read automatically, sight words often cannot be sounded out. They were tested to see if they could read 11 color words. The ones checked with yellow are the words they could read. You’ll see at the bottom, Pre-test and post-test. Pre-test means I test them before we have worked with them in class or at home. Post-test is when I test them again on the same words a few weeks later after we have worked with the words in class and you have practiced the flashcards at home. You will receive the same paper home in a few weeks with their new score on it. This helps us to track the progress of the children. Please don’t worry if your child didn’t know any of the words, this is the pre-test and now we will be working to learn the words through various activities in class.

Congratulations to Ibrahim A., Leo, Maria and Rishab for reading all 11 words. They can now practice on spelling those words.

I will be sending home new sight words every few weeks for you to practice at home. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this or anything else that we are doing in class.

I am pleased how well the children are doing and the progress they have already made so far this year. Their handwriting has really improved.

Just a reminder about Arabic folders. They are to come to school every Wednesday and the Arabic teacher will send them home every Thursday. Please help us try to keep up with this. We are seeing a lot of loose Arabic papers. Please let me know if you are not seeing a white Arabic folder coming home.

Please return the Kidzania permission slip as soon as possible along with the 80 dirhams. Be sure to talk over the food choice with your child as they are not allowed to change their minds later.

Sunday you will be receiving a letter about the Caring Box Initiative from PreK, KG1 and KG2.

Due to change in schedule we will be going to library on Wed. next week, not Sunday.

Thank you for all your support, it really makes a difference! Have a great weekend,                               Lois



I hope you are having a nice long weekend with your child. What a great day we had on Thursday for Halloween!

This Thursday (Nov. 2) is Flag Day. The whole school will be making the UAE flag with our bodies.Your child will need to wear a White t-shirt. It is best if it is plain white. We can turn it inside out or backwards if you are not able to find a plain t-shirt.

Thank you