Good morning,

Last Wed was our back to school night. I really enjoyed meeting with many of you, sharing what we do in KG2 and what our day looks like. I am sorry you were not all able to attend. I have attached my presentation for you to look at if you would like.

Please click on the following link to view my back to school night presentation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Things are going well in the class. Your children are busy with Reader’s workshop, writing and counting. I am pleased with how well they have settled into our routine and they are very hard workers!

We have one more week of swimming (our last day of swimming is Thu Oct 4th) and then after that on Day A we will have PE in the gym. They should be sure to wear their running shoes and shorts or pants (no dresses) on these days.

We have 1 missing pink towel, please check your child’s bag to see if they came home with an extra towel and send it back tomorrow. I also have 2 pairs of socks, one black and one white. If your child came home without socks please ask them to get them and bring them home.

Thank you, Have a nice week,


Back to School Night

Good morning,

***Tomorrow is swimming and library. Dismissal at 2:00.***

Back to school night is on Wednesday, Sept. 19th. This is where I will go over our day and curriculum for KG2. There will be two sessions. I will be presenting the same material in both sessions, so you only need to attend one of them. Choose the one that best fits your schedule.                              3:45-4:30 or 5:15-6:00

There will be child care provided from 3:10-4:30 for free. Your child will be escorted to the MPH at 3:00 leaving you free to come at 3:45 to 4:30 for the presentation.

If you have another presentation to attend for a sibling, it doesn’t matter which one you go to first. All teachers will be presenting twice on this night.

You may leave your child 3:10-6:00, and for 20 dirhams there will be food provided.

Between the two sessions (4:30-5:15) there will be an opportunity for you to go to the library to meet our wonderful specialists, Arabic, Islamic and ELL teachers as well as classroom teachers, counselors and principals.

Of course, if you have help at home your child may go home as normal and does not need to stay for child care.

I know this is a bit confusing so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I hope to see you there.



Dear Parents;

What a great week we are having. A few reminders or updates;

  • Every Tuesday will be early release day. You may pick up your child from the classroom at 1:50.
  • We have library every Tuesday.
  • I like to keep the AC on in our classroom. If your child tends to get cold, please send a jacket for them to keep in their cubby.
  • I am slowly getting comfortable with Instagram. Follow me on @lfinney2018
  • I will be sending your child’s IXL and Razkids passwords home next week.
  • Thank you for sending all the school supplies. We still have a few children without hats. It is a school rule that they wear a hat on the playground.
  • We will begin eating lunch in the cafeteria on Sunday. Please remember that KG2 is not allowed to buy any food or drinks. They must bring their food from home. There is a microwave available if they want to heat their food.
  • No school on Thursday, Sept. 13.
  • Back to school night Sept. 19th, time to be announced soon.

Thank you, let me know if you have any questions or concerns,                                                                                                                    Have a nice weekend.


Welcome to KG2!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to KG2LF! I am very excited about our new class. We had 2 great days this past week. Everyone was so enthusiastic about school and all that we did. They were amazing listeners and behavior was incredible, in fact one of my best starts to a new year in a long time. I can’t wait until tomorrow when everyone will be here all together.

I will post upcoming events, reminders and notes on our blog. I have subscribed everyone. If you wish me to delete one of the emails you gave me, just let me know and I will take care of it.


  • Swimming on Sunday. (and every Day A) They should wear their suit under their clothes. Be sure to have uniform to change into after swimming, don’t forget underwear!
  • Be sure your child has a hat that they can leave at school. I had several children that wanted to take their hats home with them. Please help them understand that these hats are for school only and will stay here in the “hat box”.
  • Thank you to those of you that sent all of your school supplies. If you need the list again I will send a copy home on Sunday. Please don’t stress if there is an item you are not able to find.
  • Be sure your child has an art shirt and extra clothes just in case of an accident. It does not have to be uniform.
  • Please send back the Arabic form on Sunday so we can get our Arabic classes organized asap.
  • Jones sent you a monthly calendar with the ABC days listed. Our class is as follows:
  • Day A E.
  • Day B. Music
  • Day C. Art

I would like to complement ALL of you for packing such great snacks and lunches. They were healthy and plenty of food that your child seemed to like. Don’t worry if some of it came home, everything is new and hopefully once they get used to school they will eat more.

You will be bringing home a note from Gloria Furman on Sunday asking if you would like to join a WhatsApp group for our class. I encourage you to join. I think this is a wonderful way for parents to share information, photos and help with organizing parties and volunteering. I do ask that if you have a problem or something that concerns you that you please come and see me directly. I am very open to speaking to you about concerns you may have for your child. You can email me, and we can set up an appointment to meet.

I am excited for the year to start. I think it is going to be a great year and I look forward to getting to know you and your child better as the year gets started.

Lois Finney


summer work

Dear Parents;

The end is near, can you believe it? It seems like it went so fast. We have had a great year. I am so proud of the kids and all that they have done this year. They have grown up so much.

  • Tomorrow dismissal is at 11:30 (11:20).
  • We will go to the MPH for an assembly at 8:00 directly from the playground.
  • We will have snack but not lunch.

Please be sure to do some work over the summer. It is a long time to go without working and we don’t want them to slip back after having made so much progress,  Have lots of fun, relax, play and enjoy the outdoors but also spend some time every day doing a bit of reading and writing. Please find below a list of activities, websites, apps and a review packet that you can download and print for $10.00 US dollars. You can also find lots of other great things on Teacher Pay Teacher, they have review packets for all Elementary grade levels in case you are looking for something for your older children.

Thank you again for all of the love and support you have shown me this year. We had a great year and I hate to see it end. Please be sure to keep in touch by email or stop by my room any time. Have a great summer,


Universal American School of Dubai   

Summer Learning KG2

Here are some summer activities for students to do over the summer:

  1. READING and being READ to every day!
  2. Writing journal:  Make a summer writing journal and have the students write sentences about the fun activities they do every day.
  3. Websites for kids to use over the summer can be found here.
  4. Having time for physical play- running, jumping, climbing, swimming. ( is a great website for staying active inside when temperatures are hot).
  5. Make playdough together with your child (the recipe can be found here).
  6. Use blocks, puzzles, legos and playdough to build and create with.  Encourage your child to maintain focus on the activity for at least 20 minutes and tidy it up themselves afterwards.
  7. Coloring, cutting, painting, to create their own projects.
  8. Play-dates with other children.
  9. Stay on a good routine and schedule.
  10. For fine motor development: for information and ideas of how to work with your child, click here.
  11. Practice Dolch sight word list- Find the list here.   Practice reading and spelling the words in a fun way. Some examples are found here.
  12. If you are interested in practice worksheets, you can find a good packet here (you will need to purchase, download and print it yourself).



lunch today

Good morning,

Just a reminder that if your child would like to buy lunch in the cafeteria today they will need to bring 12 dirhams. Lunch choice is rice or pasta. They will need a regular snack and can bring their own lunch if they wish.

Thanks, have a great day!

Last minute things

Oh my goodness, only one more week! Where did the time go? A few notes for the end:

  • Tomorrow is a free dress day. The children may wear whatever they like, it does not have to be fancy.
  • We are combining our end of the year party with all of the KG2 children, so we will not be having parents in. Thank you anyway to those of you that volunteered to help.
  • As a special treat and learning experience in preparation for Grade 1 we are going to allow the KG2 children to buy lunch in the cafeteria on Monday, June 25th. There will be a set menu, the children can choose between rice or pasta (plain or with red tomato sauce) they will get a piece of chicken and salad and a box of juice. The cost for the meal will be 12 dirhams. There will not be any other options available to the children, rice or pasta are the only choices. If your child does not like to eat that or they would prefer not to buy then they are more than welcome to bring their regular lunch from home.
  • We will be having discussions in class about making healthy choices, speaking loudly when they order, getting their utensils and most importantly carrying their tray by themselves to the table. Normally the cafeteria only accepts ID cards. They are making a special exception for us. The teacher’s will collect the money from the children and it will be paid in one lump sum. If your child would like to buy their lunch please send 12 dirhams tomorrow, Sunday or Monday morning so we can give a count to the cafeteria.

I am so proud of your children, they have come so far since the beginning of school both socially, academically and developmentally. Thank you for a great year. You have all been so supportive of myself and the KG2 program.

I hope I get a chance to see many of you before the end of the year. I wish you all the best for a wonderful, relaxing, safe summer. We have a few students moving on and we will miss them. Those of you that are returning, I look forward to seeing you and your big first grader in Sept.


A few reminders

Dear Parents;

  • Beginning Monday, we will be back to our old time schedule.
  • We will come in the building at 7:40 am.
  • We will be dismissed at 3:00 in the afternoon.
  • We will go back to eating lunch in the cafeteria.
  • We will play outside in the morning recess.
  • We will play inside during our lunch recess.
  • There are no more early release Tuesdays. Tuesday will be a 3:00 dismissal.
  • We are having an all KG2 class party on Thu June 21st. Our class is in charge of bringing sausage rolls and popcorn. I have put a note in your child’s bag. Thank you in advance.
  • I have finished all of the sight word tests. Your child’s test is in their blue folder, unless they had already read all 4 lists.
  • I am halfway done with PM reading tests. I will send you their current level once I have finished everyone. I am so pleased with the progress I am seeing so far!

Thank you. Have a nice long weekend.



Good morning,

It has been officially announced that UAS will be closed for the Eid holiday on Thursday, June 14 and Sunday, June 17.

Enjoy your time off. Eid Mubarak.