Good morning,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful, cool weather. Lots of the children told me they got a chance to play outside during the weekend. We have another busy week. We are finishing up 3D shapes and starting a new writing unit. I am starting to see progress in our writing, sounding out words and putting down the sounds they hear. Keep practicing! I am also seeing a big improvement in our handwriting. Lots of great letter formation, spaces between words and tall and short letters. The majority of the children still need to practice the placement of the hanging lowercase letters, p, g and y. They should sit on the bottom line and tails hang below.

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Welcome Back!

Happy New Year. It is nice to be back with everyone, it sounds like there was a lot of fun happening over the holidays! I heard a lot of great stories and adventures. I had a very relaxing holiday and am ready to dig in. January and February are great months in KG2, the children are more independent and ready to learn. We have a lot to do!!!

Today was a great first day. Everyone was ready to listen and work. As much as we all enjoy our holiday, I think we also like the routine and structure of going to school. We are working on a literature unit on The Little Red Hen and the importance of helping and getting along with others.

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Sight words

Good afternoon,

It would be a good idea for your child to practice writing over the holidays, I would like to suggest you buy them a small journal from the stationary store (something they like, Spiderman, Unicorns…) Have them write a little bit every day, like a journal. Such as “Today I went to my cousins house” . “Today we ate pizza.” Remember to emphasize writing using their sounds, not spelling everything correctly. If they bring their journal to me in January I will be sure to read it and put a sticker on it!

Several parents asked me to resend the sight word list to practice over the holidays. If your child is still working on list A, that is fine, please don’t overload them by trying to do both lists. If your child read both lists, they can practice using them in their writing.

Spend a little time every day reading and writing and lots of time enjoying family.

Have a great holiday,


Parent teacher conferences

Good morning,

Please click on the link below. You will need to follow the instructions to go to the portal to sign up for your 30 minute student conference on Nov. 14th or 15th. Please also fill in the Google form to help me better prepare for the conference.

Parent Teacher Conferences-2b7d2x0  

Please let me know if you have any trouble with any of the forms. I look forward to meeting with you next week.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lois

first sight words

Dear Parents,

Today your child took the pre-assessment on 11 color words. The students will begin learning these words this week as our first set of sight words, and will continue to work on them for the next few weeks. I will let you know when we are ready to test them again. I have included flashcards if you would like to print them or make your own. You can help your child at home by flashing them the words and playing games with the words.  It may help to underline each word in its correct color to help with recognition of the word.  This can be combined with your regular reading at home.  If your child was able to read some or all of the words they can practice writing them.   Happy reading!

Color word flashcards -2nz8z2m