Get out your calendar!

Dear Parents;

We have a lot going on over the next few weeks, so I thought I would send you a list of upcoming events for you to put into your calendar, so you and your child don’t miss any of the great things happening in KG2.

  • Attendance: If you are late, you no longer need to go to reception for a blue slip, just bring your child directly to the classroom. I do ask that you try your best to be on time as I will have to stop my instruction to enter your child into the computer.
  • I have completed all of my reading assessments. I am working on making my guided reading groups. We should be ready next week. I will be sending home a letter at that time to help you understand more about how this works. The most important thing for you to remember is that all children are different. You need to be proud of your child where they are reading and not be comparing them with others. If you have any questions or concerns about their particular level, please come to me directly.
  • No School Sunday, February 24th.
  • Sports Day Wednesday, February 27th 12:30-3:00. Your child should wear a red t-shirt or their uniform PE shirt, PE shorts, running shoes, a hat and have their water bottle. We will be out on the field participating in lots of fun games. You are welcome to come and watch!! Don’t forget your camera!
  • Sunday, March 3rd 2:15. Parents and popcorn. Come and read a story with your child. All parents are invited!
  • Storybook character parade Thursday, March 7th 8:00 am. Dress as your favorite story book character. You can come and watch if you would like.
  • Student led conferences will be held on March 10 and 11. You will receive information about signing up for you and your child.
  • The 100th Day of school is on March 13th. You will receive a letter tomorrow explaining how they will need to make a collection of 100 things and bring an item for a snack.
  • Mother’s Day performance Thursday, March 21st 8:00 am
  • Spring break begins on Thursday, March 28th (half day). School will resume on Sunday, April 11th.
  • Wow! We’ll be ready for some down time after all this!!
  • Thanks, Lois


Good morning,

I hope you and your family are staying healthy and had a nice weekend. We finished with the MAP testing last week. I will let you know when the results are available for you to look at.  We also finished the sight word assessments. I am really pleased with the progress most of the children have made. Please continue to work on the words missed or the new list that was sent home.

This week I will begin the reading assessment. This will take me awhile as it is done individually and it is a new program for UAS this year. Once I have completed my testing I will let you know what level your child is reading with guidance. After I have all of my data I will begin my guided reading groups which means your child will start bringing a small reading book home most nights. I will send more information home on this when they begin bringing books home.

Please read the newsletter to find out what else is happening in KG2 this week.

Week 14-snrpkw

Have a nice week,  Lois



Good morning,

I hope you all had a nice weekend. We have several children out this week and last week with fevers. Although we have a busy week ahead with MAP testing, sight words and Kidzania, please keep your child home if they are sick. There will be make up tests for the MAP test and I can do sight words whenever they return so this is not a problem. They will not do well on the test if they are sick. It is school policy that children must be fever free for 24 hours before returning. Kidzania is a lot of fun, but not if you are not feeling well.

Please click the link below to read about what is happening is KG2 this week.


Week 13 Newsletter-1iji9ca

Next week

Dear Parents;

We have a very busy week coming up. We have MAP testing, Kidzania and sight word assessment.

What you need to know:

MAP Testing:

  • Sunday and Wednesday
  • Try to get your child a good night sleep the night before.
  • Be sure they have a good snack and lunch, full of healthy choices that they like and will eat.
  • There is nothing else you need to do. This is our first time with the MAP test, so it is more for them to get used to the testing. Many of the children are already familiar with the iPad so format is easy for them. We do not want to put any pressure on the children to perform well. We just encourage them to take their time, listen to the question (someone reads the questions to them) and if they don’t know an answer, they should try their best to take a guess.


  • Thank you for sending the forms and money in so quickly.
  • Your child should wear their regular school uniform and comfortable shoes. They will need their water bottles. If you think they may want a quick snack before we leave you may send that, but we are not taking any food with us.
  • If a child needs to use the bathroom at Kidzania, a teacher will always be present with them. We will eat lunch all together as a KG2 team.
  • We should be back to the school by appx. 2:00.

Sight word assessment:

  • I will begin on Sunday, but due to the fact that we have so much going on and since I don’t want to overwhelm them, I will slowly test them throughout the week.
  • I hope your child has been practicing their list.
  • Those children that have completed list A and B will be pre-assessed on list C and D.
  • It is very important that you remember to practice only the list that is right for your child. Do not compare or worry that someone is on a list different than your child’s. We need to celebrate our differences!

Have a nice weekend. Enjoy the beautiful weather. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.



Good morning,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful, cool weather. Lots of the children told me they got a chance to play outside during the weekend. We have another busy week. We are finishing up 3D shapes and starting a new writing unit. I am starting to see progress in our writing, sounding out words and putting down the sounds they hear. Keep practicing! I am also seeing a big improvement in our handwriting. Lots of great letter formation, spaces between words and tall and short letters. The majority of the children still need to practice the placement of the hanging lowercase letters, p, g and y. They should sit on the bottom line and tails hang below.

Please click on the link below to see what else we are doing this week in class.

Week 12 Newsletter-2k5sv58

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year. It is nice to be back with everyone, it sounds like there was a lot of fun happening over the holidays! I heard a lot of great stories and adventures. I had a very relaxing holiday and am ready to dig in. January and February are great months in KG2, the children are more independent and ready to learn. We have a lot to do!!!

Today was a great first day. Everyone was ready to listen and work. As much as we all enjoy our holiday, I think we also like the routine and structure of going to school. We are working on a literature unit on The Little Red Hen and the importance of helping and getting along with others.

Please click on the link below to read about the other things we are doing this week

Week 10 Newsletter-14topg1

Sight words

Good afternoon,

It would be a good idea for your child to practice writing over the holidays, I would like to suggest you buy them a small journal from the stationary store (something they like, Spiderman, Unicorns…) Have them write a little bit every day, like a journal. Such as “Today I went to my cousins house” . “Today we ate pizza.” Remember to emphasize writing using their sounds, not spelling everything correctly. If they bring their journal to me in January I will be sure to read it and put a sticker on it!

Several parents asked me to resend the sight word list to practice over the holidays. If your child is still working on list A, that is fine, please don’t overload them by trying to do both lists. If your child read both lists, they can practice using them in their writing.

Spend a little time every day reading and writing and lots of time enjoying family.

Have a great holiday,