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Good afternoon,

Some parents have been asking about work for over the holiday. Your child should definitely read something every day. I will be sending several books home with them today. I am not assigning any homework (I’m not going to be doing any work other than reading so they shouldn’t have to!) But… If you want to do work, I can recommend the packet below that you may purchase yourself for $9.00 US dollars. Just click on View details and it will take you to the Teacher pay Teacher site where you can buy it using a credit card. After you purchase it you can download it and print only the pages that you think your child needs to practice. It has many of the same skills we are currently working on, all based on the Common Core Standards.

I wish you all a wonderful, safe holiday. I look forward to seeing everyone back healthy and happy on Sunday, April 14th!

Spring Kindergarten Pack, No Prep, CCSS Aligned
   The Teaching Treehouse
This no-prep, print & go packet contains Spring themed alphabet practice, rhyming, syllables, patterns, numbers…
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