100 Day fun!

What a lot of fun we had yesterday, counting to 100, jumping for 100 seconds, eating 100 snack items, eating a cake shaped like the number 100, writing about 100….

We will continue in math next week counting and finding patterns within the hundreds chart and being able to identify and find numbers on the chart. I will be sending home a 100’s chart for the weekend. You should ask your child to show you some patterns on the board. Call a number and ask them to find it. If they find this hard, try working with numbers only until 30. If they are able to easily find a number, try asking them to show you a number before or after a given number, if they are able to do that, ask them to find a number 5 or 10 more. Remember, all children learn at different rates and you should only be concerned with what your child is able to do. Have fun with it! Please send the chart back on Sunday.


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