Sight words

Good afternoon,

It would be a good idea for your child to practice writing over the holidays, I would like to suggest you buy them a small journal from the stationary store (something they like, Spiderman, Unicorns…) Have them write a little bit every day, like a journal. Such as “Today I went to my cousins house” . “Today we ate pizza.” Remember to emphasize writing using their sounds, not spelling everything correctly. If they bring their journal to me in January I will be sure to read it and put a sticker on it!

Several parents asked me to resend the sight word list to practice over the holidays. If your child is still working on list A, that is fine, please don’t overload them by trying to do both lists. If your child read both lists, they can practice using them in their writing.

Spend a little time every day reading and writing and lots of time enjoying family.

Have a great holiday,