Last minute things

Oh my goodness, only one more week! Where did the time go? A few notes for the end:

  • Tomorrow is a free dress day. The children may wear whatever they like, it does not have to be fancy.
  • We are combining our end of the year party with all of the KG2 children, so we will not be having parents in. Thank you anyway to those of you that volunteered to help.
  • As a special treat and learning experience in preparation for Grade 1 we are going to allow the KG2 children to buy lunch in the cafeteria on Monday, June 25th. There will be a set menu, the children can choose between rice or pasta (plain or with red tomato sauce) they will get a piece of chicken and salad and a box of juice. The cost for the meal will be 12 dirhams. There will not be any other options available to the children, rice or pasta are the only choices. If your child does not like to eat that or they would prefer not to buy then they are more than welcome to bring their regular lunch from home.
  • We will be having discussions in class about making healthy choices, speaking loudly when they order, getting their utensils and most importantly carrying their tray by themselves to the table. Normally the cafeteria only accepts ID cards. They are making a special exception for us. The teacher’s will collect the money from the children and it will be paid in one lump sum. If your child would like to buy their lunch please send 12 dirhams tomorrow, Sunday or Monday morning so we can give a count to the cafeteria.

I am so proud of your children, they have come so far since the beginning of school both socially, academically and developmentally. Thank you for a great year. You have all been so supportive of myself and the KG2 program.

I hope I get a chance to see many of you before the end of the year. I wish you all the best for a wonderful, relaxing, safe summer. We have a few students moving on and we will miss them. Those of you that are returning, I look forward to seeing you and your big first grader in Sept.


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