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Don’t forget tomorrow is International Dress Day. Come to school in clothes from your home country or dress in colors of your flag. I can’t wait to see everyone. We have 13 different nationalities in our class! Wow, we are so lucky.

change of date!

Please note the change of date on the International dress day.


In preparation for our 11th annual International Day celebration at UAS, which is hosted by the PTSO on Saturday March 3, students are invited to wear clothes to school that represent their country – International Dress-down Day. The dress-down day will be on Wednesday, February 28! Students will be engaged in cultural activities within their classroom instead of a parade.


Dates to remember

Here are some upcoming events for KG2!

  • Tomorrow cookie sale. The children may buy one or two cookies, 5 dirhams a piece. The proceeds go to Make a Wish Foundation.
  • 25th No school Teacher PD
  • 26th Fieldtrip to Arabian Wildlife Center. Children must wear their uniform, bring plenty of food, water and juice. We will be gone all day.
  • March 1st International Dress Day. The children may come to school dressed in the National dress of their home country. They can also wear the colors of their flag.
  • Saturday, March 3rd International Day. A great day out with the family. Come and celebrate our diversity.
  • Sunday, March 4 This is the beginning of Book Week. Children may wear the new t-shirt if they bought one or wear any t-shirt that has words on it!
  • March 8th Dress as your favorite storybook character. There will be a short parade right at 8:00 (similar to the Halloween parade)

Thanks, Let me know if you have any questions. Have a nice weekend, Lois

Sports day

Just a reminder that tomorrow is sports day. Your child will need a green t-shrit, shorts, running shoes, a hat and a water bottle. We will eat snack in the classroom before we go outside.

The timing has changed just a bit. We will go out to the field at 9:00.

Sorry for the confusion. I hope to see you there. Go Green Team!!


Dear Parents;

We had a great trip to the desert. Thank you to the parents that went with us. We had a lot of fun. I hope you heard all about the footprints, holes and bugs we saw.

In our new PYP unit of inquiry we are learning how to be scientists and learn by observing, making predictions and then making conclusions as we follow up our predictions.

We have set up an inquiry table in our classroom. Your child is free to bring in things to put on the table that pertain to the desert. This might be a photo of them riding on a camel, a toy desert animal, a picture of them camping in the desert, they can draw a desert picture, anything they might find. Please let them try to come up with something on their own.

Tuesday is Sports Day. We will be on the field from 8:30-11:00. You are invited to come and cheer us on. You may take your child home with you at 11 if you would like. Don’t forget their green t-shirt and your camera!

Thursday, Feb. 22 there will be a cookie sale. The children may buy one or two cookies. They are 5 dirhams each. The proceeds from this sale will go to the Make a Wish Foundation here in the UAE. This is a wonderful organization that helps to grant wishes to terminally ill children in the UAE.

Monday, February 28th we will be going to the Arabian Wildlife Center. I will need 3 parents to go with us. Please let me know if you are interested in going with us. Please keep in mind we will be gone all day.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                   Have a nice weekend,



Good morning,

I need 3 volunteers to go with us to the desert on Tuesday the 13th. We will leave school a little after 8 and will be back by 10:30 or so. If you are able to go with us, please send me an email. Thank you.

Please remember that there is NO SCHOOL on Sunday, Feb. 11th.

Free dress on the 14th, red, white, pink or purple.

Green t-shirt on the 20th for sports Day.

Have a nice weekend,



Dear Parents;

I hope you and your family are well. We continue to have this cold spreading through the classroom, most children are out almost a week. Please keep an eye on your child and keep them home if they look like they are getting sick.

Unfortunately, we had a problem with our scheduling and our desert trip has been moved to February 13th and the Aquarium has been changed to April 11th. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Your child may wear pink, red, white or purple clothes on this day. We made our Valentine mailboxes today so if they are making Valentine’s at home they may bring them anytime and mail them. The children will also have the opportunity to make cards in their free time at school.

You will receive your child’s sight word assessment today. Wait until you see it! They have all made great progress. Please be sure to praise their hard work. I pre-assessed them on the next level and have sent that home for you to help practice. Be sure to keep the list in a safe place.

Please be sure to return their small reading book folders every day.

We are listening to 4 Community Helper presentations every morning. The children are doing a great job, not only being a presenter but also learning to be a good audience and how to ask questions of the speaker. Thank you for your help in this project.

Some parents have asked for the specialist schedule for the rest of the year. I am sorry I didn’t think to send it out earlier.

ART –      Feb. 18-March 15

MUSIC – March 18-April 26

PE –         April 29-May 24

ART –       May 27-June 28

Take care of yourself as well as your family.