Wow, what a great bunch of teachers I have in my class! They were amazing. I hope you enjoyed learning about a day in Kindergarten. Thank you for taking the time to come and learn about our day and see how well your child is doing!

Please make sure that your child has brought their favourite book to school on Sunday.  Only about 10 children have brought theirs and we are going to work on a project and red them all this week. Thank you.

Enjoy the weekend,


Summer birthdays

If your child has a summer birthday and you would like to celebrate at school please be aware that we must celebrate before Wednesday, May 24th.

It is your choice of what you would like to do:

  • Pick a random day to celebrate and let me know the date.
  • Get together with other summer birthdays and we can do one summer birthday party on Tue. the 23rd.
  • Don’t celebrate at school.

Thank you,   Lois


Good morning

Dear Parents;
I hope you had a relaxing long weekend, I know I did!

A reminder that Wed dismissal is at 12:00 and there is no school on Thu. You have your time for conference’s. Please remember that this is student-led conferences so your child MUST attend with you. They will be the teacher and show you all of the wonderful things we do during our day. You may also visit Arabic and our other specialist teachers. After that, stop in at the book fair. This is a good time to buy books, workbooks and activity books and keep them hidden for the summer airplane ride surprise and keeping up with skills during the long holiday.

We are very lucky to have Mrs. Laura DeWitt in our class for the next 5 weeks. Mrs. DeWitt is studying Education in Holland and will be an intern in our classroom 3 days a week. Today was her first day and she already got along well interacting with the children. She will spend some time observing me, then she will work on planning and teaching a few lessons on her own and will teach the class all day for her last few days. I am confident she will do well with us. Please be sure to introduce yourself in the morning or afterschool.


free dress

Good morning,
In case you are not sure, your child may wear whatever they want today to go with their crazy hair! Free dress or uniform whichever they prefer.
If they choose not to do their hair they can just wear a hat!
Have a nice 3 day weekend.


Dear Parents;
Things continue to go smoothly in KG2LF. We are busy reading, writing and now learning about subtraction. We finished our PYP unit on our local environment. We are starting my favorite unit, Books Alive! I love books and reading so you can bet there will be a lot of reading going on in our classroom including book studies, author studies, comparing and contrasting different versions of the same story and learning about character, setting and problem and solution. We will also learn how to determine what happens in the beginning, middle and end of a story. We will even have a visit from a real author. Whew, that’s a lot for Kindergarten!

To go along with our unit, I am asking that each child bring in one of their favorite books. It can be any book they choose; it does not have to be in English. If you do not have a copy of their favorite book let me know what it is and I will see if the library or I have a copy they can use.

A reminder that tomorrow and Thursday are dress up spirit days. Tomorrow they should dress as a teacher; it can be any kind of teacher. Thursday we will have crazy hair day.

Due to staffing changes in administration KG2 will no longer have a specific IT class. However; I will still take them sometimes up to use the computers as I feel it is an important skill for them to have other than swiping on the IPad. To make up for the lost class the administration has graciously given us an extra PE class. This class will now be every Tuesday morning. So now we have PE on Monday, Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday. Please try to remember their PE clothes on these days.

There is no school on Sunday, April 23rd.
Wednesday, April 26th is a half day, dismissal at 12:00.
There is no school on Thursday, April 27th

You will be receiving a paper today with your scheduled student-led parent conference date and time. Please remember that your child MUST attend the meeting with you as they are the teacher and will be showing you all of the great things that we do throughout our day. Please notify me if you are not able to attend at the given time.

The book fair will be at UAS next week. You may send money for your child if you would like them to buy a book, or better yet, take them when you come for conferences on the 26th or 27th so you can help them make good choices. This is a perfect time for you to pick up some reading and workbooks for the long summer.

That’s it for now. I hope all is well for you and your family. I look forward to seeing you and your child for student-led conferences.



Please be sure your child has a hat at school. It has become hot very quickly and they must wear a hat on the playground. We took hats home at the winter break and many children have not brought one back. Please ask your child or send me an email if you are not sure.

Welcome Back

Dear Parents;
I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. From all of the stories I have heard it sounds like it was a great break for everyone. I had an amazing time in Brussels. I thoroughly enjoyed the Early Childhood Conference, meeting with other Kindergarten teachers. Then Mrs. Hanna and I had a fantastic time playing tourist in Brussels, Monaco, France and even a farmer’s market in Italy!
All of the children have come back ready to learn and work! We have had a great first day back. They will be bringing their new reading books home tonight to read to you. Please praise them for moving up to their new level. They have all done a great job reading.
We are going to the Dubai Aquarium on Tuesday morning. I have three parents going with us. We will only be gone in the morning; we will be back to school in time for lunch.
Please remember there is no school on Sunday, April 16th. Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it.
The week after next is going to be a spirit day in the Elementary school. Please note if you have other elementary students that the Early Childhood schedule is just a bit different than the older children. We will only participate in two days.
• Tuesday, April 18th will be dress like a teacher day.
• Thursday, April 20th will be crazy hair day.

The afternoon of April 26th and the morning of April 27th will be Student-led teacher conferences. For these conferences your child will need to attend the meeting with you. It will be their day to shine and show you all of the wonderful things they do throughout our school day. You will receive more information from the school soon.
I had a wonderful break but I am happy to be back and ready to get lots of work done before the end of May.
Have a great week,