Next week

Good afternoon,

We are having a great time celebrating the 100 days of school and we’re not done yet!

Next week continues to be busy.

Monday we will be going to Sharjah to the wildlife centre. We will leave at 8;15 and return at 1:30. Your child should wear their school uniform and good walking shoes. They should bring a regular snack and lunch and water.They will eat a quick snack before we leave and eat lunch at the centre.

Tuesday there is a cookie sale sponsored by Middle School. They are raising money for charity. If you would like your child to buy and decorate a cookie they may bring 10 dirhams for one cookie or 15 dirhams for 2. 

Thursday is dress like your favorite storybook character, They may choose anything they like and come to school dressed up. If they have a copy of the book they may bring that as well.  I am trying to discourage superheroes as storybook characters. You do not need to buy anything, they can make their costumes from things at home. For example; A girl can wear a dress and be Sally from Cat in the Hat or a boy can wear shorts and a t-shrit and be the boy from Fish Out of Water, two of our favourite read aloud. Try to let the children be involved in choosing their character.

You will be receiving another blog post later today to explain International Day and ask for your help in making a batch of brownies and volunteering and hour or two of your time for our USA booth.

One last thing: We have had many children ill this week with fevers. Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well. They should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Hope you have a nice, healthy weekend,


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