What’s up in KG2LF?

Good morning,

I apologize if you are confused about our 100 Day things.  Your child needs to bring 2 things to School.

  1. A collection of 100 small items, they should count out 100 of something and return it to school in a ziplock bag. ( The easiest thing for both of you would be 100 pieces of pasta or cereal but of course, you may choose whatever you want.)
  2. They should bring the food that was listed at the bottom of the note for our snack. This does not need to be counted out. This will be shared as our snack. Send the whole bag or box.

I have heard a few worries about the fieldtrips. Please know that I take every care and precaution for these trips.  The desert is just on the far side of Mirdif. We look for signs of life, such as footprints, holes, and hills.  We stay together as a group and observe and talk about what we see.

When we go to Mamzar beach the children are only allowed to get wet up to their knees. They do not go any further or they have to sit out. We are there to collect sea things, look for living things and observe our environment. We also take a certified life guard with us, even though we are not swimming.

Please email or come and see me if you have a particular concern.

We are beginning our non-fiction writing about camels. If you have any pictures of your child with/or on a camel could you please send it so we can hang it on our board?  Thanks!

Thank you for helping your children with their Valentines. They did an amazing job and they were very excited.

I am sending all hats home today. Can you please wash it if it needs or check the size? We will begin wearing hats again every day. (as soon as the sun comes out!) Please be sure it is one your child likes so there is no problem there.

Have a nice week!


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