Great trip!

We had a great trip to the Arabian Wildlife Centre. The children were so well behaved and interested in all of the animals. We saw so many interesting desert animals. Ask your child which was their favorite.

Don’t forget cookies sale tomorrow. 1 for 10 AED or 2 for 15 AED.

Next week

Good afternoon,

We are having a great time celebrating the 100 days of school and we’re not done yet!

Next week continues to be busy.

Monday we will be going to Sharjah to the wildlife centre. We will leave at 8;15 and return at 1:30. Your child should wear their school uniform and good walking shoes. They should bring a regular snack and lunch and water.They will eat a quick snack before we leave and eat lunch at the centre.

Tuesday there is a cookie sale sponsored by Middle School. They are raising money for charity. If you would like your child to buy and decorate a cookie they may bring 10 dirhams for one cookie or 15 dirhams for 2. 

Thursday is dress like your favorite storybook character, They may choose anything they like and come to school dressed up. If they have a copy of the book they may bring that as well.  I am trying to discourage superheroes as storybook characters. You do not need to buy anything, they can make their costumes from things at home. For example; A girl can wear a dress and be Sally from Cat in the Hat or a boy can wear shorts and a t-shrit and be the boy from Fish Out of Water, two of our favourite read aloud. Try to let the children be involved in choosing their character.

You will be receiving another blog post later today to explain International Day and ask for your help in making a batch of brownies and volunteering and hour or two of your time for our USA booth.

One last thing: We have had many children ill this week with fevers. Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well. They should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Hope you have a nice, healthy weekend,


What’s up in KG2LF?

Good morning,

I apologize if you are confused about our 100 Day things.  Your child needs to bring 2 things to School.

  1. A collection of 100 small items, they should count out 100 of something and return it to school in a ziplock bag. ( The easiest thing for both of you would be 100 pieces of pasta or cereal but of course, you may choose whatever you want.)
  2. They should bring the food that was listed at the bottom of the note for our snack. This does not need to be counted out. This will be shared as our snack. Send the whole bag or box.

I have heard a few worries about the fieldtrips. Please know that I take every care and precaution for these trips.  The desert is just on the far side of Mirdif. We look for signs of life, such as footprints, holes, and hills.  We stay together as a group and observe and talk about what we see.

When we go to Mamzar beach the children are only allowed to get wet up to their knees. They do not go any further or they have to sit out. We are there to collect sea things, look for living things and observe our environment. We also take a certified life guard with us, even though we are not swimming.

Please email or come and see me if you have a particular concern.

We are beginning our non-fiction writing about camels. If you have any pictures of your child with/or on a camel could you please send it so we can hang it on our board?  Thanks!

Thank you for helping your children with their Valentines. They did an amazing job and they were very excited.

I am sending all hats home today. Can you please wash it if it needs or check the size? We will begin wearing hats again every day. (as soon as the sun comes out!) Please be sure it is one your child likes so there is no problem there.

Have a nice week!


This week

Thank you to those of you that helped your child make Valentines. Many of the children mailed them today and are very excited. If your child is still working, no problem. If they are done they can bring them in tomorrow and mail them. If your child has not made any at home, that is ok, they have had a chance to make some in class.

Tuesday is free dress day for Valentine’s day. they may wear red, white, pink or purple. They may also wear their school uniform if you prefer.

Please read the sports day letter below to find out more about Wed. Let’s hope for some better weather. don’t forget green t-shirt.

Moms – Mark your calendar, contact your nanny or your boss and ask for time off for the morning of March 21st, Mother’s Day. We will be having a special performance for you at 8:15-9:30. More info later.

Today you will receive a permission slip for 4 upcoming field trips. We combined them all on one slip. Please be advised we cannot return your money if your child is absent for one of the trips. There is a place at the bottom of the permission slip if you are interested in helping with one of the trips. Please indicate which trip you would like to help with.  Desert, Beach and Aquarium are morning trips, the Wildlife Park is an all day trip.

There is no school this Thursday, Feb. 16th.

Thu. Feb. 23rd is the 100 Day. You will receive a note on Tue. further explaining what your child needs to do for this. Basically they need to collect and count 100 small items and bring them to school.

All KG2 students will be participating in sports day this Wednesday from 8:45-11:00am. Please make sure that your child wears a green t-shirt, shorts and a hat. They need good running shoes and should bring a big bottle of water clearly labelled with their name and class. It will be a fun morning for the children and will reinforce the games they have learned this year in P.E. It will also encourage them to focus on the PYP attitudes being taught in class such as cooperation, confidence and respect for others. You are welcome to come to the field to watch. You may take your child home as soon as we are done if you would like.

That’s it for now. Send me an email if you have any questions or concerns.                           Lois


Good morning,

As you know Tuesday, Feb. 14th we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Although we will not be having a big “party” I would like the children to have a small treat as we open our mailbags in the afternoon.  I was wondering if maybe just one or two moms could send in cupcakes or cookies and small boxes of juice.  If you would be willing, please send me an email and let me know.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Good morning,

Please note that on the Valentine class list I inadvertently typed Yahya’s family name (Taha) rather than his first name. Please be sure to add Yahya’s name to the bottom of the Valentine class list for your child.

Thanks. Sorry about that Yahya! 🙂

Heads up!

Good morning,

February is a very busy month with a lot happening. I thought I would give you a quick snapshot of what’s happening and what is needed from you. You WILL be receiving more information about each thing later, this is just a head’s up.

Wed. Feb. 8th – Dental screening

Tue. Feb.14th – Valentine’s Day. Your child may make/write Valentine notes at home to bring and give to their friends.

Wed. Feb. 15th – Sport’s Day. We will be on the field 8:45-11. You are welcome to come and cheer us on. Your child will need a GREEN         t-shirt for this day. You are welcome to take your child home after this if you would like.

Thu. Feb. 16th – No School

Thu. Feb. 23rd – 100th day of school. Your child will need to bring a collection of 100 small things. (more later about this).

I hope homework is going well. Please make sure the small reading folders come back and forth every day that you have them. I am having several not coming back and that makes it difficult for them not receiving the new book to take home. We take books home on Sunday, Monday, and Wed. they have their poem notebooks on Tue and Thu. At this point in the year it is very important that they are reading every night.

Thank you,