Good morning,

Your child will be bringing home their first home learning chart today. Please be sure to unpack it, read it over with your child and put it somewhere safe where it can easily be accessed, such as on the fridge or pinboard. We want this to be a good experience for your child. Serious about homework, but not scary or threatening. Tell them how proud you are of them that they are getting to be big and have homework. You will see not all of it is academic or requires lots of written work. Anything they do write, such as tally marks of the number of doors in the house, have them staple it to their homework menu and bring it to me on Sunday. I am happy to see all of the work that they do.

As parent, I know that some nights are better than others. If one night is hectic, your child isn’t cooperating or you are going out, just leave it until the next day. Try to do homework at the same time every day so it becomes routine. Don’t leave it until right before bed when you are both tired. Maybe have a snack when they get home, do one homework activity and then let them have some free time to play what they like. We want this to become second nature to them and not become a huge burden or fight. As those of you with older children know, it doesn’t get any easier so now is the time install in them good study habits.

Please let me know if you have any problems, concerns or issues.


Dental screening

Please see the letter below. We will have a dental screening on Sunday morning. If you do not want your child to participate please email me or print the letter below, sign it and send it back.


Dear Parents,

Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centers will be conducting a free of charge dental screening for the children at Universal American School on 6th and 7th February 2017. This will be a visual screening/inspection and no dental X-rays will be taken.  It does not take the place of a regular examination in a dental office.

A dental screening report indicating the status of your Child’s Oral Health will be sent to you. This report will indicate the status of your child’s Oral Hygiene, Gum Condition, and whether any Cavities or Orthodontic Disorders have been detected.

If you have any objection on your child being screened, please sign below and return this form to the school clinic no later than 2nd February, 2017. We shall proceed with the screening if the form is not received by this date.

No, I do NOT want my child to receive dental screening/examination:

Parent’s Name: ________________________                      Signature: ________________


Student’s name: ________________________                           Grade: ___________________

This week’s update

We continue to be very busy in KG2.  Last week we rotated through the 5 KG classes to experience different aspects of science. I hope you heard about some of the great things we did. We will continue being scientists as we move into our new PYP unit, Exploring the Environment around Us. We will be looking at weather first, moving into cycles, and looking at the desert and ocean including the animals and plants that live there. It is a very fun unit which we all enjoy.

I hope all is going well with the small reading books that are coming home. If you don’t have a chance to read it one night, be sure to read it the second night. Please remember that reading is more than just reading the words. The children are learning about fluency, stopping at the full stop, using their voice when reading and of course, comprehension of what they have read. Even the small pattern books have things you can ask the children. “How many things did they buy at the shop?” “What is a baby horse called?”. You can also ask questions using the words in the book. “How many times can you find the word the?”.

I will be testing the children on their sight words from unit 3 & 4 on Tue. the words are listed below. Remember they just need to read them, not spell them. Don’t worry if they miss a few. This is just the beginning.

we    can   and    up  me   come   my   are   see   for

We have our MAP testing on Monday and Wed. morning. Please be sure your child gets a good nights sleep the night before.

The last thing I want to mention is that we are having a problem in our room with a lot of tattling and children not speaking very nicely to others. I am working on this, as well as asking the counselor to come and do a lesson with us on Tue. Please help me by speaking with your child about making sure that they are kind to others and remind them how mean words can hurt others feelings.

Thank you, Have a nice week,


KG2 Homework

Good afternoon,

Things are moving along nicely and the children are doing well.  We are slowly beginning to faze in Kindergarten homework. This week you should be working on unit 3 & 4 sight words (or unit 2 packet for some children), if your child can read the words, have them practice writing them. I will not assess them on their spelling but they will have a leg up if they are able to begin using them in their journal writing.

Next week I will begin sending small reading books home. Please read the letter below to give you some more information.

As many of you with older children know, now is the time to develop good homework habits. Set aside the same time each day for homework. Have a quiet place for them to sit and work, a desk, kitchen or dining table, make sure the tv and all other electronics are off and away from temptation. Set a reasonable amount of time for them to be sitting. Working on sight words, reading their poem notebooks and small reading books is a great way to start.

For me, one of the most important things about homework is to keep it as stress free as possible. If your child fights with you, cries or refuses to sit with you then let it go and send me an email to let me know what is going on.

     How to Help Develop Your Child’s Love of Reading

(Reading tips for parents of children who are beginning readers)


  • Spend time looking at and talking about the pictures BEFORE your child reads the book to/with you
  • Ask your child if they would like to read the book by themselves or if they would like you to read it with them (reading with a child provides support in the early stages of reading)
  • Read TO your child every day
  • Make positive comments to encourage your child and always be supportive
  • Help your child point under each word (gently remind your child to use their, “Pointer Power”)
  • Support your child to use the sound of the first letter to help them attempt an unknown word (we call this, “Sound Power”)
  • Encourage your child to turn each page carefully and to take care of their books
  • Remind your child to return their book to school every day in the reading folder
  • Be aware that in the early stages of reading children don’t actually read the words, they use the pictures to tell the story. Some children take more time than others to move out of this stage and that’s OK.
  •                PRAISE, ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT!!

Thank you for your support. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Welcome Back

I hope you and your family had a nice, relaxing holiday. I had a wonderful time with my son, mom and dad and sister and her family. So nice to have both my boys finished with university, now if we can just get the youngest a job!! 🙂

We are back now ready for some great learning. KG2 is in the process of doing some assessments to monitor our progress of where the children are in their learning and where we need to go next.  You will receive new sight words today. Many of your children already know some of the words! I am also testing them on PM Benchmarks. These are the running records we do for finding the children’s current reading level.  Out of 21 children I have the whole gamut, non readers, beginning emergent readers and some that are reading independently. In about two weeks the children will all begin bringing small readers home to read to and with you.  You will receive a letter explaining this as time gets closer. We are working on learning the vowel sounds. We have done a and this week is e, next week short i. We are looking at these vowels in the middle of three letter words (CVC) consonant, vowel, consonant. They should be able to make the sound in isolation as well as make a list of rhyming words, can, man, pan… There are a lot of great games on the IPad for practicing, please let me know if you would like a few suggestions.

Please try to remember that we have library on Wednesday’s. Many children are forgetting their books and then are sad that they cannot choose a new book.  If you do forget, you may send it on Thu. and Naomi will run up with hem to choose a new book for the weekend.

Have a great week,