holiday work

Good afternoon,

I will not be sending any “homework” home for the holidays. It is an important time to be with family, relax and be a kid!

However, with that said, it is a long time to go without any work. Please continue to read, write and count with your child.  They should know all 26 letter sounds and names. They should be able to start writing and reading 3 letter words and rhyming words such as hat, cat, bat… Many children are writing longer words using their own spelling. They should be able to count to at least 50 and start to count by 10’s to 100. Please continue to read their poem notebook, pointing out their sight words.

I have sent a sheet of our handwriting paper in their folders today. You may photocopy this, or scan and print it so that you will practice on the same lines that we use in the classroom. They should be able to write the first letter capital and all of the other letters lowercase with proper formation, including, small, tall and hanging letters.  They should begin to have a space between words. Please encourage them to write by themselves, “chopping” up the sounds using their sound power, try not to spell for them. I am thrilled with seeing their own spelling.  Maybe you could staple several pages together and they could write a little journal of what they did over the holiday. If they do any writing or other work over the holiday I will be happy to see it when they get back!!

Thank you to all of you that have volunteered supplies or your time to help tomorrow.

Have a safe, happy holiday.


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