What’s up next week?

Next week is another busy week in Kindergarten.

Sunday, Dec. 11th: No school

Monday, Dec. 12th: Pajama Day and visit to Santa (shhh!)

Tuesday, Dec. 13th: Regular day with lots of fun activities.

Wednesday, Dec. 14th: Party Activities 9:30-11:00, decorating and eating cookies 2:15-3:00.

Thursday, Dec. 15th, Regular Day dismissal at 12:00.

We will resume school on Monday, January 2, 2017!

On Pajama Day, please do what your child is most comfortable with. If they don’t want to wear their pajamas, it’s ok. They can just wear anything they want. If they want to bring them in a bag and change when they get here or bring other clothes in case they want to change later that is okay. This is a fun day for many but some children are not comfortable with this and that is fine. You can tell them Mrs. Finney will be wearing her pajamas!!

If you would prefer that your child not visit Santa or not have his/her picture taken with him that is perfectly fine. Just let me know and we will make sure to respect your wishes.

I will be sending a google doc out by email asking for donations of a few items or your time for our activities on Wednesday. If you are able to send something in or volunteer to help please put your name on the list next to the appropriate item. We will be doing activities in the morning and cookie decorating and eating in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, Dec. 15th I will not be at school. I am going to sneak out early in order to make it home to the States to see my son graduate from university. YEAH! Ms. Naomi will be the teacher that day.

I wish you all a wonderful, safe holiday and look forward to coming back in January ready for a big chunk of time to continue the great learning that is happening in our room.

Thank you for all your help and support,


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