We had a great week celebrating the U.A.E.’s National Day.  I heard many of you came back for the carnival last night. Great!

You will be receiving a new calendar and newsletter for Dec. today. We have the Gingerbread Man show on Tue. but it is here at school so no need for a permission slip. We are off to Kidzania on Wed. to learn all about community helpers. If your child has old Kidzania money they are welcome to bring that with them. I will have a bag for them to keep their pretend money in. No need for any real money, lunch was included in the fee you paid.

We will be doing lots of fun activities in our literacy unit on the Gingerbread Man. If you have a copy of the book we would love if you could send it in and we will read it!

I will be testing your children on their unit one sight words on Sunday: I a am go like.  They will then receive 5 new words to start learning.

As it gets cooler many children are wearing a UAS jacket. Please be sure their name is in it as they all look the same and by the end of the day so one remembers if they had a jacket or not! 🙂

No school tomorrow. I hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.   Lois

Fire Station


We had a great trip to the Fire Station yesterday.


I look forward to meeting with many of you today and tomorrow. Enjoy your time with your children.

We have a busy week next week. Be sure to check last week’s blog entry to see what clothes we are wearing which days. Sunday is spirit day! Lots of green, red, black and white!!!

Looking ahead

Good morning,

We are planning lots of great activities for UAE National Day. I thought I would give you a heads up of the clothing the children will need so you can plan ahead or shop if needed.

Sunday, Nov. 27th is UAE Spirit Day.  Dress in colors of the UAE flag, wear lots of fun things representing the UAE, ribbons in your hair, a pin, a scarf… anything fun and creative to show our spirit for the UAE.

Monday, Nov. 28th we will be making a human UAE flag.  Your child should wear a plain red         t-shirt and their UAS pants or shorts.

Tuesday, Nov. 29th your child should dress in the UAE National dress,or some kind of UAE t-shirt. We will have a full day of great UAE activities, including activities for the family from 4-7 p.m.

We are not sure yet of the holidays but i will inform you as soon as we are notified.

Thank you, Lois


school photos

You will need to go online for ordering your child’s photos.

Sunday (the 20th) is the last day you can order school photos. Below is the link for ordering instructions:



Sorry, my blog wasn’t working yesterday. Please read below. Thanks.

Tomorrow (Today, Monday) is photo day. Be sure your child is wearing a UAS polo shirt with a collar. We will still have PE but they do not need their PE uniform shirt tomorrow.

There are two important papers in your child’s folder today. Please be sure to read them and return them as soon as possible. One is the date and time for your parent conference. If you are to able to come at the time suggested please email me and we will see if we can fit you in at a different time.

The second paper is a permission slip for the Fire Station and Kidzania.  Please return it with the money as soon as you can. Be sure to filling the meal order at the bottom.  I will need 2 volunteers to go with us to the fire station on the 22nd. We do not need any parents for Kidzania as they provide a service for us.




Please remember that there is no school tomorrow due to a teacher PD. Enjoy the day with your child.

We have our class photos on Monday, November 14th. Please be sure your child is wearing the UAS polo shirt (not the PE t-shirt).

Parent conferences will be on the afternoon of November 23rd beginning at 1:00 and the morning of the 24th beginning at 8:00 am. You will receive your assigned time on Sunday. At this time your child is not a part of the conference, it is just a one on one with the teacher and parents.

I will be reassessing your children on their color words next week. Please try to take some time to practice them over the long weekend. They will be receiving 5 new words next week to begin learning.