Welcome to KG2 LF

Welcome to Kindergarten! I am so excited for school to start! I think we are going to have a fantastic year! I am looking forward to meeting everyone on our drop in morning tomorrow. We have some fun activities for the children while parents fill out some necessary paperwork. This is a great opportunity for your child to meet Ms. Naoemi and myself. They will get a chance to find their cubby and see our classroom.  Even the children who attended UAS last year need a chance to reacquaint themselves with school and where everything is.

Please remember that half of you will attend school on Tue for the full day, 7:45-3:10 and then not come to school on Wed. Then the other half will stay home on Tue and come on Wed. for a full day and our Tue people will stay home and THEN everyone will come on Thursday. I am excited to try this new opening day format. I think it will make our transition to full day a lot smoother.

Mrs. Finney