Our First Week

Our Week:

We have had a wonderful first week together!  The children are settling into the routines of school and are having fun getting to know each other. Our focus has been learning the routines and procedures of school, which is incorporated into our first unit I Can Do It, Yes I Can.  Through this unit we focus on building independence and responsibility.

We have also focused on the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See.  We have been doing activities with the color brown and bears this week.  As part of our focus we have also read Panda Bear, Panda Bear Who Do You See, and Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear.  Next week we will continue with our bear theme by reading and retelling Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have also focused bears in our art activities.  The children have made a variety of crafts involving bears and the color brown.  Please check out the our photo gallery or stop by our room to see their work!

Looking Ahead:

There is no school on Thursday, Sept. 21st. 

On Sunday, Sept. 24th, we will have a Teddy Bear Picnic with Mrs. Waldo’s class.  Your child can bring a teddy bear to school that day as well.

Thursday, Sept. 28th is our first color day! Please help your child find something brown to wear on this day. The children do not have to wear their uniforms. But please make sure they can use the toilet easily in whatever clothes they wear. If you don’t have brown clothes, it’s fine to have them just pick out something brown to share for show and tell on Thursday. 


Please continue to have your child wear their Red shirt until October 5th.

CALENDAR– On this page, you will find the updated September calendar with a few new additions. Each month we will adding new information which will be helpful for the many “special days” we have in Pre-K.


Please send in one baby photo (under 1 year) of your child by October 5th for an activity we will do. It should be just one photo, 3×5 to 5×7 size, and not in a frame. We will keep the photos here and use them in the portfolio. You have the option to email me the photo if this is easier.  


Check out our week:


Message from the Early Years Counselor

Welcome Early Years Parents!  My name is Kevin Fields and I am the Early Years School Counselor for Grades PreK-1.  I’m excited to welcome back the familiar faces from last year and for those of you who are new to the UAS Community, I am glad your child is here.   I hope to develop a lasting and helpful relationship with all of you to ensure your student’s academic success.  

I often encounter parents who are unsure of the distinct role of the school counselor, particularly in the elementary school.  For many adults the only interaction they have had with school counselors have been at the secondary level; connecting to get information about class scheduling and college admissions.  Although that role is often still the same at the secondary level, in recent years it has grown to encompass more, and the role of the Primary Grade School Counselor is vastly different.  

School Counselors are educators that directly, and indirectly provide students with social, emotional, and behavioral instruction.  Much recent research has found a strong link between student’s social-emotional skills and their success academically.  

In the early years program I provide the following student supports:

  • In-classroom social-emotional lessons to all students
  • Small groups for students whom need additional social, emotional, and behavioral learning instruction (grades KG2-1)
  • Brief 1:1 individual social, emotion, and behavioral instruction and/or personal counseling
  • In classroom student observation and coaching
  • School-wide behavioral systems supervision
  • Parent consultation
  • Staff and parent training around social-emotional learning

If you have a particular concern about your child and would like some guidance or suggestions on how to respond, please know that I am resource to help.  Please send me an email to schedule an appointment.  I would also direct you to the UAS Elementary Counseling Blog that I share with Ms. Jen, the school counselor for Grades 2-5.  We often post information, and parenting strategies pertinent to immediate school issues.  The blog can be accessed at http://sites.uasdubai.ae/escounselors/.

The last thing I would like to mention are suggestions for the first few weeks of school, particularly the first few days.  For many young children, leaving mom and dad can be very stressful.  Often parents share the anxiety with their child.  It is very normal for children and parents to be very upset about leaving their separating the first couple of weeks of school.  

On the morning of day one, you may find your child having a significant emotional reaction to your departure.  My advice is to plan ahead.  Here are some strategies for a healthy separation:

  • Talk about the departure well ahead of time and what it will be like
  • Come up with a goodbye ritual and routine– a special kind of hug or wave goodbye that you and your child created together.  Drop off and pickup routines are the same day in and day out so the child knows what to expect.
  • Leave quickly and without fanfare – hanging around after your goodbye is often disconcerting for children and unnecessarily extends the transition into the school environment.
  • Be consistent – changing the routine and showing up early or unannounced can confuse your child and restart the feelings of anxiety they experienced earlier.
  • Give your child a “kid-friendly” time frame – tell them what to expect about when you will be back to pick them up in developmentally-appropriate language.  For instance, “I will be back after you have lunch,” as opposed to “12 o’clock.”

Remember that children take their cue from the emotional reaction of their caregivers.  If you are emanating anxiety and distress during separation, your child will mirror that. Make sure you are emotionally prepared for the potential stress of the situation and exude calmness, confidence, and reassurance to your child.

It is going to be a great school year!  I look forward to seeing returning families and meeting all of our new additions in the first few days of school.  

Kind Regards,

Kevin Fields, M.A

UAS Early Years School Counselor


Our First Day: Part 1

Half of our class had their first day today!  After saying goodbye to moms and dads on the playground, the prek class explored their new classroom.  Today we read two stories, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See and The Kissing Hand.  During our inquiry time, we also made kissing hand crafts to share with mom and dad.  Check out the pictures from our day below.


Ask Me AboutIn this section you will find questions to ask your child about their day. 

  • What is my favorite animal from Brown Bear, Brown Bear?
  • What did I make at the art center today?
  • What was your favorite part of the day?
  • Where and with whom did you play today?


Today In Pictures

Welcome to PreK!

Welcome parents, family, and friends.  I am so excited to start the school year and meet your children in September.

On this site you will find weekly updates about our learning as well as important information about the PreK class.  Please explore the posts and pages to learn more about your children’s teachers, classroom, and learning.

Welcome to UAS!

Ms. Lisa

Orientation 2017-2018

Monday, September 11th and 12th: GROUP 1 of PreK Orientation Days
September 11th is ‘Get to Know Your Child’ time. Your child’s classroom teacher will schedule a 15 minute session with you and your child to learn about your child.

On September 12th your child will come and spend their first full day in school with their teachers and ½ their classmates (if they participated in the orientation the day before, September 11th). Parents can pick up their child from the classroom at 12:45.

GROUP 1 does not have school on September 13th or 14th.


Tuesday, September 13th and 14th: GROUP 2 of PreK Orientation Days
September 13th is ‘Get to Know Your Child’ time. Your classroom teacher will schedule a 15 minute session with you and your child to learn about your child.

On September 14th your child will come and spend their first full day in school with their teachers and ½ their classmates (if they participated in the orientation the day before, September 13th). Parents can pick up their child from the classroom at 12:45.

GROUP 2 does not have school on September 11th or 12th.


Sunday, September 17th: First Full Day of School for ALL Students in PreK

  • Parents can drop off their PreK and KG1 child on the small playground with the climbing equipment in between 7:30 and 7:55. Children should be wearing their colored t-shirt that they will receive from the classroom teacher on orientation day. Parents can pick up their child from the classroom at 12:45.

Sunday, September 17th: First Day of After School Care for PreK students
If you have registered your child in the after school care program, then September 17th will be their first full day.