June 9th to June 13th

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that school will be closed June 2nd to June 6th for the Eid holiday.

Swimming: Sunday, June 9th

We will start swimming on Sunday, June 9th. Our session will be from 8:50 to 9:20 as part of our P.E class. Our swimming classes will take place every B day and will change each week. Please keep an eye on our class calendar for the P.E. days scheduled. Our swimming days will be June 9th, June 12th, and June 17th. 

Each child should wear his/her swimsuit under his/her uniform. Girls should wear swimsuits that are easy for them to take off to use the restroom, a two piece is best. Please send underwear in a large plastic ziplock bag each time. When your child takes off his/her swimsuit he/she will put it in the plastic bag. The students all need to have swim caps. Please practice putting on the caps with your child; they will need one each year so this is a good time to practice. Your child will also need a towel and flip flops each week.

Your child needs to:
Wear swimming gear to school
Bring underwear in a bag
Bring a towel
Bring a swimming cap
Bring flip flops

All items need to be labeled with your child’sname (including school uniforms).

It is important that your child practice dressing him/herself so he/she will be prepared on swimming days. It is easiest for the children towear the UAS t-shirt and shorts. Children are also expected to take responsibility in collecting and taking care of their belongings.

Please help your child be prepared each swimming day so they do not miss this wonderful opportunity. If you feel that your child is too sick to participate in the PE class, then they should be kept at home.

We look forward to an enjoyable session of swimming with your child. If you have any questions please send me a message.

End of Year Celebration: Monday, June 10th

Please join us for an end of year celebration on Monday, June 10th from 8:30am until 9:30am. We will have a short performance and certificate ceremony followed by breakfast food and drinks.Children may dress up on June 10th, such as wearing a dress or fancy clothes.

Please sign-up to bring breakfast food or drinks using this link: End of Year Celebration

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. We hope you will be able to join us for the celebration!

Next Week:

The week of June 9th we will finish our unit on simple machines. Our focus question will be “Who works with simple machines?”. We will learn about and discuss the ways people use simple machines for work and play at their jobs and in their daily life.

The objectives we will focus on are:

  • 12a Remembers and connects experiences: Recognizes and recalls
  • 12b Remembers and connects experiences: Make connections
  • 13 Uses classification skills
  • 16a Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet: Identifies and names letters
  • 16b Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet: Identifies letter-sound correspondences
  • 17a  Uses and appreciates books and other texts
  • 17b Uses concepts of print
  • 18a Comprehends and responds to books and other texts: Interacts during reading experiences, book conversations, and text reflections
  • 20a Counts
  • 20b Quantifies
  • 20c  Connects Numerals to quantities
  • 23 Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

We hope you have a wonderful Eid holiday!

Ms. Lisa