April 21 to 25

It was a great week back after spring break. We started our week by attending the play, The Ugly Duckling. The children enjoyed the interactive show. We continued learning about our unit of inquiry, insects, by discussing how and what insects eat. We also started to make bees to hang up outside our classroom. We will finish making our bees next week. Please come check out our work outside our door!

Sunday, April 21st is a professional development day. There will be NO SCHOOL for students. 

Next week will be the last week for our unit on insects. Our focus question will be “How do insects help the Earth?”. We will explore the different ways insects help us and the environment.

The objectives we will focus on next week are:

  • 4 Demonstrates traveling skills
  • 14b Uses symbols and images to represent something not present: Engages in sociodramatic play
  • 15a Notices and discriminates rhyme
  • 17a Uses and appreciates book and other texts
  • 17b Uses print concepts
  • 20a Uses number concepts and operations: Counts
  • 20b Uses number concepts and operations: quantifies
  • 21b Understands shapes


We will read the following books:

  • Who lives in Trees?
  • What the Ladybird Heard
  • Why Do Plants Have Flowers?
  • Bees

Thank you for a fun week and have a nice weekend!

Ms. Lisa

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