February 10th to 14th

Greetings Parents,

Just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Sunday, February 10th.

Next week will be the last week of our music unit. Our focus questions will be “Who works with music for their jobs? What tools do they use?”

The objectives we will focus on next week are:

  • 1b follows limits and expectations.
  • 10b Uses approp conversational and other communication skills uses social rules of language
  • 12b Remembers and connects experiences
  • 15a Notices and discriminates rhyme
  • 15b Demonstrates Phonological awareness phonics skills and word recognition.  
  • 21a Explores and describes spatial relationships
  • 20a & b Uses number concepts and operations; counts; quantifies
  • 26 Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials

The books we will read next week are:

  • Listen to My Trumpet
  • Rap A Tap Tap
  • Hey Diddle Diddle

Please join us on Thursday, February 21st for our music study celebration. We will have a Sing-a-long in the early years playground at 8:15. Please come join us to hear the nursery rhymes we have learned so far this year.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Ms. Lisa


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