January 6th to 10th

Our Week:

Welcome back to PreK! It has been a great start to the new year. This week we started our new unit of inquiry. Our study topic is Music Making. During this unit we will be exploring how music is made, what can be used to make instruments, and how music makes us feel.

Our central idea: Music can provide inspiration and an outlet for expression

The lines of inquiry are:

  • How instruments are used
  • Why people make music
  • How music makes us feel


Looking Ahead:

We will continue to investigate our new study topic on music making. The objectives we will focus on next week are:

  • 13 Classifying
  • 15a Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition:Notices and discriminates rhymes
  • 15b Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition: Notices and discriminates alliteration
  • 15c Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition: Notices and discriminates discrete units of sounds
  • 20 Quantifies
  • 22a Compares and measures: Measures objects
  • 35 Explores dance and movement concepts

We will read the following books:

  • Olivia Forms a Band
  • Pepi Sings a New Song
  • Giraffe’s Can’t Dance
  • Five Little Ducks
  • Today Is Monday


Have a great weekend!

Ms Lisa



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