November 11th to November 13th

Our Week:

It was a short week in PreK. This week we focused on looking at our school building. Our focus question this week was “What is special about our building?”. We continued to show pictures of our homes. We also talked about the different rooms in our building and how are school is different from our homes. We had two parent visitors, an architect and an engineer, come to our class and discuss their jobs and how they help design and create buildings.

Looking Ahead:

There is no school Sunday, November 18th.

Our focus questions for next week are “Who builds buildings?” and “What tools do they use?”. We will talk about different jobs related to buildings and construction.

The objectives we will focus on are:

  • 9a: Uses an expanding expressive vocabulary
  • 11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning: Persists
  • 15c: Notices small units of sound
  • 16a: Demonstrated knowledge of the alphabet:Identifies and names letters
  • 17b Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses: Uses print concepts
  • 20b: Quantifies
  • 21b: Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes: understands shapes4
  • 23: Demonstrates knowledge of patterns
  • 30: Shows basic understanding of people and how they live.

The books we will read next week are:

  • Build it From A to Z
  • Building a Home
  • Changes, Changes
  • The Three Little Pig


Thank you and have a great weekend!

Ms. Lisa



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