September 16th to 20th

Our Week: 

We started our week talking about our focus question, which was ‘What we should do if we are scared or nervous at school?’. During circle time we looked at pictures of different emotions. The children identified the different feelings and practiced making similar faces. We focused on happy, sad, and scared. We then brainstormed different things that make us feel happy, sad, scared or worried. We talked about what to do if we have those feelings and how it is important to share those feelings.

We also read two stories this week about feeling scared or nervous about school. Our first story was Wemberly Worried, which was about a girl mouse who worries about all sorts of things, but especially about starting school! As we read the story, we learned that Wemberly made a friend at school. We learned that making friends is one way to feel a lot less scared about school. Our second story was The Kissing Hand. In the story, Chester the raccoon is going to school for the first time. He tells his mother that he does not want to go to school but stay home with her. At the end of the story, Chester learns that his mother’s love is with him wherever he goes. After the story, we talked about how it is ok to miss our moms and dads but that school is a fun place and that we will see mom and dad at the end of the school day.

We also started talking about the first letter of our names. We did an art project in which the children painted around the first letter of their name. On Sunday, we will continue to talk about the letters in our names. Our finished products are hanging on display in the classroom.

Later in the week, we started talking about our next focus question, ‘What our are rules?’. We started our conversation about rules by talking about why we have rules. We agreed that rules keep us safe and allow us to have fun at school. We then talked about what kinds or rules we have in our classroom. We reviewed the listening rules as well as a few other rules, including sharing, taking turns, and keeping our hands and feet to ourselves.

The music and movement songs and nursery rhymes we sang this week are Two Plump Turtles and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Listening to and reciting rhymes help promote literacy and language development. We also played a game to develop executive functioning skills called Jack in the Box. During the game the children have to listen for a signal to jump during the rhyme. Playing executive functioning games promote brain development, focus, and self monitoring skills.


Looking Ahead:

Next week we will continue our discussion of the focus question, ‘What our are rules’. We will read the stories Charlie Anderson, Peeny Butter Fudge and Jalapeño Bagels. We will finish our week by looking at our next focus question, ‘When do things happen at school?’. The purpose of this focus question is to help familiarize the children with our routines and schedule. Having predictable routines and a schedule builds predictability and promotes security for children. Next week we will also start our small group rotations. During small groups we will focus on literacy and mathematics.

Back to School Night Presentation:

Thank you to the parents that were able to join us for Back to School Night. I enjoyed getting to speak with you more about our curriculum and what our day looks like in PreK. My Back to School Night presentation is available for you to review as well by clicking this link. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the presentation.

Make sure to check out our Flickr for pictures from this week.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Lisa


Literacy Parent Workshop

Greetings Parents!

Please read the following flyer about the literacy parent workshop series I will be offering this year for PreK and KG1 parents. The purpose of the workshop series is to build strong emergent literacy skills in our youngest learners. The workshops are the last Tuesday of every month, from 7:30-8:30 in the Elementary Library. I hope you will be able to attend!

Literacy Parent Workshop Flyer: Literacy with Ms. Lisa

Thank you,

Ms. Lisa