Our First Week at School

Greetings Parents!

It has been an exciting week in PreK! This week we have mostly focused on learning our class routines and procedures. The children are settling in and getting to know one another.

We started our week on Sunday by talking about our names. During circle time, we sang a name song to help each other learn our classmates names.  We then recited the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty and talked about how Humpty Dumpty had a unique name and that we all have unique names as well. We also read the story A Pocket of Corduroy. In the story, a teddy bear named Corduroy is given a card with his name on it. During Free Inquiry, we talked about the rules of our centers and how we use our name cards to show where we want to play. The children practiced using their name cards and enjoyed playing together.

On Monday, we continued to talk about our names. At circle time, we listened to the nursery rhyme Three Little Kittens. In the rhyme, the three kittens loose their mittens. We then talked about how everything in our classroom has a special place so that items do not get lost. At story time, we reread the story a Pocket for Corduroy.

On Tuesday, we continued to sing our name song at circle time. The children have enjoyed practicing their friends names. We also talked about how to ask if you don’t know a friend’s name. We continued to practice our routines and procedures and read the story Quinito: Day and Night. In the story, a boy named Quinito talks about his family and what he does during the day and the night.

Wednesday was a special day because we had our first Early Years assembly! During the assembly we got to meet our UAS administrative team and have a dance party. Check out the video of our class dancing to Tooty Ta Ta on our class instagram and our Flickr photostream! The assembly was so much fun. We also had our first art class as well. At art we listened to a story and did a coloring activity with markers. It was a very busy but exciting day!

Please check out our Flickr photostream under weekly photos for pictures from this week.


Looking Ahead:

Next week our focus question will be What Should We Do If We Get Sad or Scared at School. We will primarily focus on what to do when we feel sad or scared and who we can talk to when we are upset. We will read the books Wemberly Worried and The Kissing Hand. Both of these stories focus on characters that get scared and sad while at school and what they do when they feel that way.



No School: There is no school on Thursday, September 13th. Have a nice weekend!

Specials: Our specialist schedule is A Day- Art, B Day- PE, and C Day- Music.  Please use the calendar set out by UAS administration to keep track of specials schedule. Sunday will be a B day, so we have PE.

School Uniform: Your child may start wearing the regular UAS uniform on Sunday, September 16th. Please save your red t-shirt as we will use it for field trips and other important days.

Back to School Night: Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 19th. I will post more information next week.


Thank you for a great week and have a nice weekend!

Ms. Lisa


Literacy Parent Workshops

Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce that we will be holding a series of workshops about emergent literacy in the early years.

Ms. Lisa will be holding the workshops on the last Tuesday of the month. Right now, we are trying to work out the times that will suit you best so that you can attend. Please fill in this form so we can find the best time. Your help is greatly appreciated.

More information to follow.

We hope you can all attend.


Ms. Lisa and Ms. Fox