Happy New Year!

Our Week:

Happy New Year from Ms. Lisa and Ms. Themla’s class!  We hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday break.  We had a great first week back together.  This week we continued working on our unit of inquiry, homes.  Before the break, we focused on animal homes.  This week we looked at how two different insects live, bees and butterflies.  We took a look inside bee hives by reading the non-fiction book Look Inside a Bee Hive.  The children then made their own bee hives.  To learn about butterflies, we revisited The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  To compliment the story, we have been focusing on the butterfly life cycle.  To understand the process, the children made their own caterpillars which we will place in cocoons.  After a week, the caterpillars will emerge from the cocoons as butterflies.

We have also focused on our monthly concepts.  The color of the month is blue and the shape of the month is a rectangle.  We have been focusing on the number five during morning circle as well as the nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue.

In addition to these monthly concepts, we are have started more literacy and numeracy concepts.  So far this year, the children have been learning to recognize their own name as well as their friends’ names.  Starting in January, we will be focusing on learning the letters in their names.  We will learn to recognize letters and focus on letter formation as well.  In math, we are also working on counting with one-to-one correspondence and recognizing the quantity of a given numeral for numbers 1 to 10.

Looking Ahead:

We have many exciting activities coming up in preK.  Starting next Thursday, the 18th, we will be having outdoor learning centers.  There will be four activities in the early childhood playground and each child will participate in all activity.  Outdoor learning centers will take place one a week on Thursdays.

On January 21st, we will be starting an activity with PreK and KG1 called Open Inquiry.  During Open Inquiry, we will open up the PreK and KG1 classrooms and the children will move and explore between classrooms in a free flow manner.  Open Inquiry gives the children the opportunity to interact with new peers, explore different materials, and get to know all the PreK and KG1 teachers.  It also helps prepare the PreK students for the transition to KG1 as they will become familiar with the teachers and classrooms in KG1.  Since we will be working with all of PreK and KG1, it is very important for your child to wear their PreK UAS red shirt every Sunday, starting January 21st.

Our animal friends from Posh Paws Animals will be coming to UAS. The date is to be determined and more information will be posted next week.

Blue Day will be January 31st.  Please send your child to school wearing blue or have them bring something blue for show & tell.

House Keeping:

***Important*** Student dress code at UAS was mentioned in the elementary blog earlier this week. Please make sure your child is wearing the UAS school uniform to school (T-shirt, Jacket, shorts, trousers etc). We are noticing many children wearing non UAS uniform clothing. In the Early Years we are happy for children to be wearing plain navy bottoms if need be due to uniform sizing.

Please continue to have your child practice taking off and putting on their socks and shoes independently.  They need to be able to demonstrate this skill to enjoy the outdoor sensory area.  Additionally, swimming will take place this spring.  The children will need to be able to get changed and dressed independently for swimming.  Please start having your child practice this skill now so they are ready for swimming in the spring.


Have a great weekend!

Ms. Lisa


Pictures from this week:

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