Our Week

Our Week:

This week, we have been looking at making healthy choices and taking care of our bodies.  We continued talking about healthy food and made an art process project by stamping with paint fruits and vegetables onto paper.  We then had a fruit and vegetable tasting, which was a big success.  Most of the children tried different fruits and vegetables.  Please check your child’s folder for a list of fruits and vegetables they liked.

We also talked about staying healthy through learning about germs and how to wash our hands.  We read Germs Are Not for Sharing to learn how not to share our germs.  When then finger painted with some germs (glitter) and learned how you have to wash your hands really well to get rid of all the germs.  We also talked about going to the dentist and brushing our teeth.  The children used a large model to practice brushing.

Looking Ahead:

Tuesday, October 31st is Orange Day.  Your child may wear orange or bring in something orange to share for show and tell!


On October 26th Pre-K and KG-1 classes will be trick or treating from class to class. As part of the American Halloween tradition, the children will receive something when they knock on the door and say, “Trick or Treat!” We are trying to encourage less chocolate and candy and MORE small treats (pencils, erasers, rings, stickers, plastic jewelry, tattoos, rubber balls, small toy cars, etc). Daiso and The Party Store have a lot of fun treats like this. We would also like to encourage healthy snacks – fruit snacks, raisins, pretzels, breakfast bars, etc. In order for us to have this special celebration we will need each child to bring in individualized wrapped treats for at least 30 children. (No need to make goodie bags since we will be combining all the items to divide up equally.) Please DO NOT send any small hard candies or jelly cups (heart candies, mints, etc.) as they pose a choking hazard. We have several children who have severe allergies to nuts so please do not send any products that contain nuts. The children will not be eating the candy at school so you will have a chance to check through it before your child eats it. We are encouraging them to share what they receive at school with their families.  Please send the items to school by October 18th.

For part of our celebration, we will be making treat baskets.  Please collect and send in one kg yogurt containers with a handle (see picture below).  Please send in the yogurt containers by October 18th.

On October 26th, your child may come to school dressed in a costume that is easy for your child to go to the bathroom on their own, is comfortable, not scary and not too hot. Please do not allow them to bring weapons as part of their costumes. At 8:05am they will participate in an elementary school parade. If you would like to watch, please stand outside on the big playground in the designated area. To make this easier on your child, please continue to let the line move quickly. If you think they may be upset by seeing you, perhaps you should wait for the pictures that we will post on the blog.


If you have not done so, please continue to send in baby pictures. You can either email me a copy or send a hard copy in.

Our library day has moved to Thursdays at 9:15.  We checked out books today.  Please return library books every week on Thursday morning.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Ms. Lisa

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