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Week of June 21

We had a wonderful last week of KG1! It’s been so encouraging to look back and see how much progress they have made this year – they have all grown up so much! I have especially enjoyed seeing their growth in independence.  Today, they brainstormed and compiled the whole schedule for the day themselves, complete with snack, centers, and independent reading time.

Pictures have been posted to the blog of fun day.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing many of you again next school year!

Love, Mrs. D’cruz

End-of-Year celebration tomorrow!

Our End-of-Year celebration is tomorrow!

Time: 11:30 pm
Location: MPH (behind cafeteria)
To bring: Fruits or veggies to share

We hope to see everyone there! Your children are welcome to wear special clothes tomorrow.

Week of June 13

This week:  The children continued identifying the middle sound of a word, and began blending sounds together to make CVC words.  They have grown so much in their phonemic awareness this year!

KG1 participated in Move Up Day on Tuesday. Students had a great time visiting the KG2 classrooms for a little chat of what to expect for next year and engaging in some activities to show how smart they are! Mrs. Finney, Ms. Daramola and Ms. McCarthy commented on how principled all of our students were!

No school Thursday (tomorrow) or Sunday for Eid al Fitr holiday!

Work coming home:  One of the centers for this week involved the children gluing letters to make silly CVC words to try to sound out.  These are just nonsense words and the children got to practice blending them together.

Next week:  

Students should continue to bring water bottles with them each morning when they arrive on the playground. We are going to continue staying out til around 8:25 each morning for next week!

On Monday, the rest of the school will go back to regular dismissal time, which means KG1 bus riders will leave at 12:45, as they did before Ramadan. After School Care will resume normal schedule, unless you notify me otherwise. Parent Pickups are still 12:45 for KG1.

  • Sunday – NO SCHOOL
  • Monday – Super Hero Day- Students should dress as their favorite super hero and can wear costumes or t-shirts. If the costume is too hot to wear all day, you may send a change of clothes.
  • Tuesday – EOY Celebration- We are looking forward to celebrating a successful year of KG1! Next Tuesday students should wear party clothing to school. Parents are invited to come to the MPH around 11:20 to place your food items on the tables and grab a seat. We will start promptly at 11:30!


  • Wednesday – Fun Day – Students are NOT swimming this day, but will get wet! Please have your child wear their swimsuit to school with their green class shirt over it, and any shorts they don’t mind getting wet! They are also encouraged to wear a hat, as we will be outside an hour or so! Apply sunscreen before school if needed. Then, send a dry uniform shirt/shorts/underwear/towel and slippers inside a bag, so they can change and come home dry!
  • Thursday – LAST DAY OF KG1 with 12:45 dismissal! There is no school for KG1 the last week of the school year, due to Early Years teacher professional development and planning for the next school year!

Mid-week reminders

Please note that Moving Up day is tomorrow! The kids should come to school wearing their green class t-shirts.  They will be going to a KG2 class promptly at 8:30 am so please be sure to be on time.  The whistle will blow at 8:15.

Also, a lot is coming home in your child’s backpack today! You’ll find your child’s portfolio, playdough name sheet, marker name sheet, and handprint from the beginning of the year with how they can use their hands well in the classroom.  Feel free to keep and use these at home!

Week of June 7

This week: We practiced identifying the middle sound of a word this week! The children learned how to find the middle sound using their super arm (which helps them to slow down and segment a word into individual sounds) for CVC words (like bat, pen, run).  We looked at an emergent reader called Old MacDonald’s Vowel Farm and found the middle sounds in those words.

We also learned about number stories this week! We read two Pete the Cat books where things disappear, and the children have to find the new total.  This is the beginning of addition and subtraction.  4 buttons, take away 1, makes 3 buttons left.

We had a wonderful time taking food to the Ramadan fridge.  Thank you to all who sent food in!

Work coming home:  The children practiced ordering the numbers from 0-9.  They also began coloring their Old MacDonald emergent reader.  Please read it with them!

Next week:  This will be the last week for show-and-tell.

There has been no formal announcement yet regarding the Eid holiday. Most likely we will be off school 1-2 days. We will notify you when we receive the announcement.

  • Sunday – wear green class shirt
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – wear green class shirt
    • Moving up day! We will be visiting KG2 classrooms in preparation for next year.  We will begin promptly at 8:30, so please ensure that your child is in school by 8:15.
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

We are preparing for our End of Year Celebration for students and parents, on Tuesday, June 19, starting promptly at 11:30 in the MPH. We also have a song for Dads, so please try to attend if possible. We realize that some families will not be here as they will be traveling early, and it’s okay. Maybe just have those conversations with your child, that as we practice our songs in class, etc, they will understand that some people will not be in attendance. (It’s just the way it is at the end of the year).

Food for Celebration- We are asking parents to contribute food for the EOY Celebration and we have assigned food lists for each class! Please bring the food to the MPH and place on the tables around 11:20.  WE WILL BEGIN OUR PROGRAM PROMPTLY AT 11:30!

I would like for my parents to bring one tray of fresh fruits OR vegetables. For example: sliced melon, grapes, sliced apples, berries, pineapple, mangoes, etc. OR cucumbers, carrots, etc. NO NUTS!

Looking ahead:

MONDAY, JUNE 18– Superhero day.  Dress as your favorite superhero!
TUESDAY, JUNE 19– End-of-Year Celebration.  Details above.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20 – KG1 fun day!

If your plans for your child’s last day has changed from what you have told me already, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, so that we can have everything prepared and say our proper goodbyes!

Week of May 30

This week:  The children enjoyed reading books like Today is Monday and How to Catch a Star, and doing research on the difference between a star and a starfish.  Centers this week have focused on literacy activities like identifying the letters in 3 letter words, rhyming, and beginning sounds.  The children have also been practicing letter formation through fun play dough activities and handwriting books.

During swimming, the children have been learning swimming skills like putting their head underwater, holding onto the side of the pool and kicking, and using a kickboard to swim to the other side.  I’ve been impressed with how some of the children have grown in confidence over our swim session.

The children’s performances have been wonderful! I am so impressed with the practice and expression that the children showed.  Their videos are on YouTube – feel free to share them with your friends and family!

Work coming home:  Your child started coloring their own emergent reader for Today is Monday.  Please enjoy reading it together!

The June calendar came home with your child today. PLEASE read over it carefully as it explains some end of year activities that we are planning.

Next week:

  • Sunday – Wear green class t-shirt
    • Ramadan fridge! You received a letter this week with a permission slip attached to the bottom. It explains that we are participating in contributing food/drink items to the fridge next door at Spinneys for the Ramadan season. Your child should bring item/s from the list on Sunday June 3rd. They should only bring what they can carry themselves. WE MUST RECEIVE THE PERMISSION SLIP FOR THEM TO WALK OVER WITH THE CLASS.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – All library books must be returned!
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – our last day of swimming!

Week of May 24

This week:  The week was full finishing off the story of Goldilocks.  We sorted items in the story by size, painted a picture of the characters and the setting, and told the story from a big book.  Other centers included practice sorting and classifying, ordering numbers, handwriting and letter formation, and acting.

The children have enjoyed the books Oi, Frog and Oi, Dog by Kes Gray and Jim Field.  They have loved identifying the silly rhymes in this story.  Reading rhyming books at home is a great way to strengthen your child’s ability to rhyme.

The children have done such a great job on their How We Express Ourselves presentations! I’ve been so proud of them! They have retold the story with details, changed their voices for different characters, and told the story in order.  You can find the performances so far on this YouTube account.  I’m excited for the ones next week too.

Work coming home:  The children wrote numbers to practice ordering numbers, not to practice correct formation.  It is ok if the letters are backwards; reversals are normal at this age!

Next week:  KG1 is coordinating food/drink donations for our students to bring in for the Ramadan Fridge, next door at Spinney’s/ Al Aresh. We will send home more details next week and will add it to our June calendar, so you will know what items to send in and what day we are walking over to fill the fridge.

  • Sunday – please wear green class shirts for free flow
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – please return library books.  This is the last week to borrow books!
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Please make sure your child WEARS their swimsuit to school, under their clothes. We do not have time for them to change before we head to the pool. Also, swim caps are required for swimming and there is no guarantee the pool will have extras to loan us. All students are expected to swim unless a doctor’s note is presented.
  • June 7th will be our last day swimming

Thursday morning

We will be attending the grade 2 musical this Thursday. Because the musical begins at 8:15, students who are here at 8:05 will attend. However, if you would like to bring your child later, they can remain on the playground and enter the building at 8:25. Students staying behind will go our class until the musical is over.

HWEO presentations

The HWEO presentations will be uploaded onto YouTube each day! Please click here to see today’s performances.  The children did a great job – I was so proud of them!

Week of May 17th

This week:  The children have loved the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week.  We spoke about the personality of the characters and whether Goldilocks’ actions were principled.  During centers, the children had to build a chair that was strong enough for all the characters in the story to sit on.  The children have also loved exploring nonfiction books this week! They have been interested in learning about different animals, space, and different countries.  I encourage you to have some of these books at home too.

Mr. Fields came in and taught a lesson about including others in their games.  The children thought about how to ask others to play and how to join in their friends’ games.

Thank you to all the parents who attended our first KG1 Parent Workshop on Tuesday! This was our first time using this format, and we hope to be able to offer these next year on a more regular basis. We will be sending the links to some of the presentations to you via email.

Ramadan Schedule began today. Just a reminder that our morning schedule for KG1 has changed slightly. Students may not be dropped off before 7:30, as there is no supervision until that time. We will be staying on the playground each morning until 8:25 since the weather is cooler then. YOUR CHILD SHOULD BRING THEIR WATER BOTTLE TO THE PLAYGROUND WHEN THEY ARRIVE AT SCHOOL EACH DAY. There is no need for you to wait for the whistle to blow, and we will do our attendance after 8:25.

Dismissal/pickup is normal 12:45 time for KG1. Lastly, if your child rides the school bus, remind them that they will be riding a full bus of ALL ages PK-Grade 12.
Also, in KG1 we continue to drink water and have our 2 regular snacks, so please send in as normal.

Work coming home:  The children have started to color an emergent reader for Goldilocks.  Read through this with your child at home, allowing them to tell you the story using their own words.

Next week:  How We Express Ourselves performances begin next week! We hope that your child has been planning, preparing and practicing for their presentations of re-telling a favorite story. Any props, costumes, books, puppets, etc. should be placed in a bag and sent in the morning of their performance. We will video each performance and send to you via blog or email link.

  • Sunday – please wear green class tshirt
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – please return library book
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – swimming! Please remember to pack everything as needed.
    • After swimming, they are expected to put their school uniform back on (per school guidelines), and please wear or send regular velcro sneakers as flip flops and sandals are more likely to make them fall on the playground.
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