This week: We practiced identifying the middle sound of a word this week! The children learned how to find the middle sound using their super arm (which helps them to slow down and segment a word into individual sounds) for CVC words (like bat, pen, run).  We looked at an emergent reader called Old MacDonald’s Vowel Farm and found the middle sounds in those words.

We also learned about number stories this week! We read two Pete the Cat books where things disappear, and the children have to find the new total.  This is the beginning of addition and subtraction.  4 buttons, take away 1, makes 3 buttons left.

We had a wonderful time taking food to the Ramadan fridge.  Thank you to all who sent food in!

Work coming home:  The children practiced ordering the numbers from 0-9.  They also began coloring their Old MacDonald emergent reader.  Please read it with them!

Next week:  This will be the last week for show-and-tell.

There has been no formal announcement yet regarding the Eid holiday. Most likely we will be off school 1-2 days. We will notify you when we receive the announcement.

  • Sunday – wear green class shirt
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – wear green class shirt
    • Moving up day! We will be visiting KG2 classrooms in preparation for next year.  We will begin promptly at 8:30, so please ensure that your child is in school by 8:15.
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

We are preparing for our End of Year Celebration for students and parents, on Tuesday, June 19, starting promptly at 11:30 in the MPH. We also have a song for Dads, so please try to attend if possible. We realize that some families will not be here as they will be traveling early, and it’s okay. Maybe just have those conversations with your child, that as we practice our songs in class, etc, they will understand that some people will not be in attendance. (It’s just the way it is at the end of the year).

Food for Celebration- We are asking parents to contribute food for the EOY Celebration and we have assigned food lists for each class! Please bring the food to the MPH and place on the tables around 11:20.  WE WILL BEGIN OUR PROGRAM PROMPTLY AT 11:30!

I would like for my parents to bring one tray of fresh fruits OR vegetables. For example: sliced melon, grapes, sliced apples, berries, pineapple, mangoes, etc. OR cucumbers, carrots, etc. NO NUTS!

Looking ahead:

MONDAY, JUNE 18– Superhero day.  Dress as your favorite superhero!
TUESDAY, JUNE 19– End-of-Year Celebration.  Details above.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20 – KG1 fun day!

If your plans for your child’s last day has changed from what you have told me already, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, so that we can have everything prepared and say our proper goodbyes!