This week:  The week was full finishing off the story of Goldilocks.  We sorted items in the story by size, painted a picture of the characters and the setting, and told the story from a big book.  Other centers included practice sorting and classifying, ordering numbers, handwriting and letter formation, and acting.

The children have enjoyed the books Oi, Frog and Oi, Dog by Kes Gray and Jim Field.  They have loved identifying the silly rhymes in this story.  Reading rhyming books at home is a great way to strengthen your child’s ability to rhyme.

The children have done such a great job on their How We Express Ourselves presentations! I’ve been so proud of them! They have retold the story with details, changed their voices for different characters, and told the story in order.  You can find the performances so far on this YouTube account.  I’m excited for the ones next week too.

Work coming home:  The children wrote numbers to practice ordering numbers, not to practice correct formation.  It is ok if the letters are backwards; reversals are normal at this age!

Next week:  KG1 is coordinating food/drink donations for our students to bring in for the Ramadan Fridge, next door at Spinney’s/ Al Aresh. We will send home more details next week and will add it to our June calendar, so you will know what items to send in and what day we are walking over to fill the fridge.

  • Sunday – please wear green class shirts for free flow
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – please return library books.  This is the last week to borrow books!
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Please make sure your child WEARS their swimsuit to school, under their clothes. We do not have time for them to change before we head to the pool. Also, swim caps are required for swimming and there is no guarantee the pool will have extras to loan us. All students are expected to swim unless a doctor’s note is presented.
  • June 7th will be our last day swimming