This week: We have enjoyed reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood and making our own puppets to act out the story.  The children make puppets out of paper and popsicle sticks, which is one idea for their HWEO presentation.  We read nonfiction books about wolves and boa constrictors that the children were interested in after the books we read.  The children enjoyed reading Down by the Bay, hearing the song played on the piano, and listening for the rhyming words in each line.  During independent reading time, the children focused on using their “linger finger” to slow down and notice details on the page.

Work coming home:  The children colored characters from the story while listening to it being read.  They are also bringing home the puppets they made in class.  Ask your child to act out the story using puppets for you!

Next week:  Please continue to be working on preparing everything for your child’s How We Express Ourselves story retell!

  • Sunday – NO SCHOOL
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – no more book bags! We hope you have enjoyed them this year 🙂
    • Parent Workshop – For those of you who replied to our Parent Workshop survey- Thank you! We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, May 15 in the Elementary Library. We will serve coffee at 7:30 in Elementary Library foyer on the top floor and will begin by 7:45.  It’s not too late to sign up, if you haven’t already!
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – swimming! Please remember to send swim caps and shoes.

RAMADAN- Timings for KG1 actually does not change. Our day will begin at 8:00 and end at 12:45, as normal. If you bring your child to school, you will still drop them at the playground as we will play there for a while since it’s cooler in the mornings. Pickup is still 12:45 and buses will leave at 1:15. You may want to talk to your bus rider about lots of kids being on the bus (elementary, middle and high school), as they are used to only PK and KG1 together.