This week: A huge thank-you to all the moms who were able to come for our Mother’s Day celebration yesterday! We had a wonderful time preparing the gifts and performances so we hope you enjoyed them.  You can watch the video of our songs here.  We hope you feel appreciated for all the love and hard work you give!

We’ve enjoyed many Julia Donaldson books this week.  The children acted out the story of The Gruffalo with face masks, and learned some new words in sign language in What the Jackdaw Saw.  We also practiced finding rhyming words in these stories and making up rhyming words for our own names.

We also completed this unit of Sharing the Planet with continuing to watch the changes in our plants, making our own bird feeders from the maker-space room, and learning about and sorting different recyclable materials.  We read I Stink and thought about why it is important to have garbage men! The children have learned a lot about our environment and have developed a deeper appreciation for it.

Next week: No school until April 8th for spring break!

-Please upload one picture of what you and your child did over spring break in this folder.  We will share these pictures when we come back to school on Sunday the 8th.
-Your child should also wear the green class t-shirt on Sunday for free flow.

-Report cards will be posted on Tuesday April 10th.

-We will start swimming the week of April 29th. Please practice allowing your child to independently undress and dress him/herslef in preparation.

Items needed for each child for swimming are:

  • swimsuit (girls 2 piece for easy toileting throughout the day)
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Flip flops/crocs
  • UAS uniform labeled with student’s name