This week: Thank you so much for coming to our Winter Celebration today, and we appreciate the treats you brought as well! The children did a wonderful job with their song.  They’ve been practicing for the last 3 weeks and were told to keep it a surprise for you 🙂

  • We read many Gingerbread books this week, like The Gingerbread Boy, Keep Running Gingerbread Man, and The Gingerbread Girl.
  • During centers, the children decorated their own gingerbread, tasted ginger and cinnamon, practiced retelling the story, and arranged pieces by size from smallest to largest.
  • We also did an investigation around ice.  The children decided that, to make ice, you needed to put water in an ice cube tray and put it in the refrigerator.  We waited 10 seconds, 1 minute, 100 minutes, and 1000 minutes (overnight) but the water still did not freeze.  Then one child thought to put the water in the freezer, and we determined together that the freezer was colder.  The water was not frozen in 10 seconds, but we came back after 100 minutes and it was frozen! The children were so excited to feel how cold it was.  They did a wonderful job predicting, planning and problem-solving through this investigation.

Work coming home: Some of the work coming home is from last week’s UAE activities.  One paper describes what the children would buy with 100 dirhams, along with a clay model of the Burj Khalifa that your child made.  Other papers were optional letter stamping and free inquiry coloring.

Next week:

Five Senses homework– Your child should bring ONE item related to seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and touching on their regular scheduled day.  Try to find something that uses 3 or more senses!

  • Sunday – Please return book bags; none will be sent home over the break.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – Please return your library book; there will be no checkout over the break.
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Half day – 11:45 am dismissal.
    • Pajama Day and Santa’s visit – Please allow your child to wear pajamas to school and bring their favorite stuffed animal. We recommend that students wear normal school shoes, as we will still play outside on the playground. Here is a letter to explain more.​  Pajama Day letter

We will see you back on Sunday, January 7, 2018. If your family is traveling earlier than the 14th or you return later than January 7, please notify me via email.