This week: We enjoyed a full week of activities! On Monday and Tuesday, we enjoyed exploring all the apples the children brought in – thanks for doing that! We sorted them by different attributes – pattern on the outside, color, and stem/no stem.  We made predictions about what the inside looked like, then cut them open to see.  We tasted red and green apples to decide which we liked more.  We also tried to balance apples on our head, like in Ten Apples Up On Top.  The children loved all these learning experiences.

We continue to talk about shapes and read How the Shapes Became Friends, a book that shows how putting shapes together can make a picture.  The children then made their own shape picture, which will be in their portfolio.  We also found items in the classroom and sorted them by shape.

We read The Colors of Us and I Like Myself to go along with our PYP unit Who We Are.  In centers, the children looked at their faces in a mirror and drew themselves with correct skin color, hair color and eye color.  They enjoyed comparing their colors with the colors of the crayons and trying to find exactly the right shade.  We talked about how we can all be friends, even though we look different and like different things.

Other centers included lacing and marble balancing to strengthen motor skills, counting and exercise movements, creating a face with loose parts, sorting buttons by shape, and exploration of numbers 1-5.  They also worked on matching their friends’ pictures during morning centers.

Work coming home: All children will be bringing home their birthday number.  This is the date of their birthday that we will use to make our classroom birthday chart.

Other optional work coming home may be the apple paint stamping page, a snake to practice cutting curves, and drawings from free inquiry.

Next week:

  • Sunday
  • Monday – Swimming!

Please refer to your October calendar, as well as the Swimming Letter that was sent home last week, in your child’s folder. We need your child to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE getting dressed INDEPENDENTLY, at home with you. They need to WEAR swimsuits to school, with SCHOOL UNIFORM on top. Bring towel, swim cap (mandatory) and swim shoes, inside a separate swim bag. Goggles are optional.

  • Tuesday – please only return the library book on Tuesday
  • Wednesday – we will have our first lesson with Mr. Fields, the early childhood counselor
  • Thursday

For the following week:

HALLOWEEN TREATS– Your child brought home an ORANGE note in their folders this week, regarding our Halloween celebration and Trick or Treating. Please send in 30 small items (individual pencils, stickers packs, erasers, boxes of raisins , bag of pretzels, etc) by Sunday, October 22. These items will be given out when they Trick or Treat within the classrooms, and we will provide bags for all KG1 students. Please do not send in a pumpkin or container.