Week of Dec. 14th

This week:

  • We continued our love of gingerbread this week. We read Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers! We made the dough ourselves, then cut out the gingerbread men.  We enjoyed figuring out how they could cross the river and eating them!
  • We have been focusing on beginning sounds with our helpers’ names and in centers.  The children enjoy thinking of words that begin with different sounds.
  • The children had the opportunity to learn to play different types of instruments on Wednesday.  They practiced hitting, rubbing, and shaking various instruments.  They listened to the difference in high or low notes, and they learned to play quickly and slowly.

Work coming home:

The children have colored their own emergent reader called The Little Cookie, modeled off the gingerbread story.  Please have your child read the story to you, and enjoy the way they remember the story happening.  It is ok if they cannot remember each work – they are just retelling the story in their own words.

They also sorted characters in and not in the gingerbread man story, did a color-by-number page for the gingerbread man, and some colored a gingerbread house.

Next week: We are on winter break until January 7th! I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  The week we return to school will be our KHDA inspection week.  If your child will not be returning to school on the 7th, please inform me and the attendance office.

If you have not yet filled out the KHDA early childhood survey from Crystal Hanna, please do so now.  The link is below

  • Please take 2 or 3 minutes to fill out this short survey with regards to your child’s education. Click on this link to fill out.  
    Thanks you and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends!
    Crystal Hanna


We are ready to begin working on IXL! Please take note of the username and password that we sent home in your child’s folder last week.  There had been a problem signing in, but it has been fixed and we can now explore this program.  The url is here: www.ixl.com/signin/uas.

Each month, we will be posting goals related to the content taught in class.  Here is a review of some skills we have practiced so far this year.  They will be found on the Level A tab.

Count to 10

  • C.1 Learn to count – up to 10
  • C.2 Count objects – up to 10
  • C.3 Count dots – up to 10
  • C.4 Count shapes – up to 10
  • C.5 Count using stickers – up to 10
  • C.6 Count on ten frames – up to 10
  • C.7  Show numbers on ten frames – up to 10
  • C.8 Represent numbers – up to 10

Flat shapes


  • K.1 Name the shape
  • K.2 Circles
  • K.3 Squares
  • K.4 Triangles
  • K.5 Rectangles
  • K.6 Circles, squares, and triangles

Week of Dec. 7th

This week: Thank you so much for coming to our Winter Celebration today, and we appreciate the treats you brought as well! The children did a wonderful job with their song.  They’ve been practicing for the last 3 weeks and were told to keep it a surprise for you 🙂

  • We read many Gingerbread books this week, like The Gingerbread Boy, Keep Running Gingerbread Man, and The Gingerbread Girl.
  • During centers, the children decorated their own gingerbread, tasted ginger and cinnamon, practiced retelling the story, and arranged pieces by size from smallest to largest.
  • We also did an investigation around ice.  The children decided that, to make ice, you needed to put water in an ice cube tray and put it in the refrigerator.  We waited 10 seconds, 1 minute, 100 minutes, and 1000 minutes (overnight) but the water still did not freeze.  Then one child thought to put the water in the freezer, and we determined together that the freezer was colder.  The water was not frozen in 10 seconds, but we came back after 100 minutes and it was frozen! The children were so excited to feel how cold it was.  They did a wonderful job predicting, planning and problem-solving through this investigation.

Work coming home: Some of the work coming home is from last week’s UAE activities.  One paper describes what the children would buy with 100 dirhams, along with a clay model of the Burj Khalifa that your child made.  Other papers were optional letter stamping and free inquiry coloring.

Next week:

Five Senses homework– Your child should bring ONE item related to seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and touching on their regular scheduled day.  Try to find something that uses 3 or more senses!

  • Sunday – Please return book bags; none will be sent home over the break.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – Please return your library book; there will be no checkout over the break.
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Half day – 11:45 am dismissal.
    • Pajama Day and Santa’s visit – Please allow your child to wear pajamas to school and bring their favorite stuffed animal. We recommend that students wear normal school shoes, as we will still play outside on the playground. Here is a letter to explain more.​  Pajama Day letter

We will see you back on Sunday, January 7, 2018. If your family is traveling earlier than the 14th or you return later than January 7, please notify me via email.

Winter Celebration tomorrow

Dear Parents,

We are excited for the Winter Celebration tomorrow morning at 8:00. We have prepared a song for you and we will enjoy the yummy breakfast foods that you have signed up to bring with you!

As you arrive tomorrow morning, please drop your child on the playground BEFORE 7:55. Then proceed to the cafeteria where you will take your food/drink items and meet our TA’s there.

All students will walk down to the cafeteria together with their teachers, and you will be there waiting for us.
The children should come to school in festive clothing tomorrow – nice clothes, please!
Thanks and see you tomorrow morning!
KG1 Team

Winter Celebration this Thursday

Dear Parents,

A reminder that this Thursday is our KG-1 Winter Celebration that will be held at 8am in the school cafeteria. Children are to come to school dressed in festive party clothes. Please sign up to bring a food item.  You may need to download the Google docs app to be able to edit the document directly.

We will be singing a song followed by a shared breakfast – we should be finished around 8:45 am.  If you are not able to attend, please let me know (so that I can comfort the children who do not have their parents).

We look forward to seeing you there!!  

Food for our Winter Celebration

Please click on this link and sign up to bring food to share at our winter celebration! The party is at 8 am on Thursday the 7th.

Week of Nov. 29th

This week: We had a week full of UAE activities! We learned that Dubai is in the UAE, that the UAE is a country, and it is where we live! We read books like One Humpy Grump Camel, A is for ArabiaTwo Great Leaders, and Noura’s Numbers.  During centers, we built our own Dubai buildings, built a Burj Khalifa out of clay, smelled Arabic perfumes, and watched a video about the National anthem.

Today was our UAE celebration.  Thank you so much to the parents who came to help with the groups! The pictures are on our class Flickr account.  The children loved playing all the games and being a part of the UAE.  In the afternoon, we ate Emirati food generously donated by parents in Pre-K through KG2.  The food was delicious, and the favorite from our class was chbab, similar to a pancake!

Work coming home: One page coming home today is a thumbs up-thumbs down activity from UAE centers that the KG1 teaching assistants organized.  In the activity, the children tasted different food from the UAE and colored if they liked it or not.

There were also optional activities of stamping letters and free choice drawing during free inquiry.


  • Sunday – NO SCHOOL
  • Monday – back to school, no swimming.
    • Please return literature bags
  • Tuesday – please return library book
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Winter Celebration  – 8 am in the cafeteria!
    • More information to come, please plan to attend!

National Day

Dear Parents, 
To follow-up on the National Day parent information you received earlier today from UAS, we just want to clarify a few things. 
PK and KG1 decided not to attend the outside activities that the Emirati Club has organized. Although these students have done a great job, we felt that most of the activities were not as age appropriate for our little ones. So instead we have organized our own UAE Fun Day for Wednesday morning, from8:30-10:00. It will be packed full of exciting activities and we want to THANK our many parent volunteers for assisting us! 
Please allow your child to dress in UAE National Dress or UAE colors (red, green, white and black) for Wednesday. Also, send snack and water bottles as usual. 
Thank you so much for supporting our Early Years experiences! 
PK/KG1 Teams

Week of Nov 23

This week:

  • We read many books, including: Jack and the Beanstalk by Nick Sharratt, Shhh! by Sally Grindley and Hands Are Not for Hitting by Martine Agassi.
  • Our centers were focused on the skills of: counting with 1:1 correspondence and following the rules of a game, recognizing letter sounds E F H I L T U, and exploring the five senses, especially the senses of touching and hearing.
  • The children had the oppportunity to play with handbells, hear the different notes each bell made, and with a group play familiar children’s songs.  You can see pictures on the blog.
  • We gave out the caring boxes to the support staff! The children loved dividing the items into boxes, decorating the boxes, signing their names on the cards, and giving them to each staff member personally! Thank you for encouraging kindness!

Work coming home:

  • The children practiced writing their name using many different colored crayons, and we called them rainbow names.  This gave the children practice tracing their name.
  • An optional letter stamping activity and drawings from free inquiry time.
  • We are also sending you a copy of the picture cards from Handwriting without Tears that will help learn the SOUNDS of each letter.

Reminders: This coming week, we will celebrate the UAE!

  • Sunday – please return book bag
  • Monday – NO swimming! Since the weather has cooled down, we will wait to begin swimming again until the spring.
  • Tuesday – please return library book
  • Wednesday – UAE celebration
    • All students are encouraged to wear UAE colors (red, green, black and white) or UAE national dress.
    • Our class will be going outside to enjoy the Emirati presentations and fun day. We are asking for 4 parents for each of our KG1 classes, to assist us that morning for about an hour. If you are available and have not contacted your child’s teacher, please email her or add your name in this signup sheet… UAE Day Parent Volunteers Signup.
  • Thursday and Sunday – NO SCHOOL for National Day weekend

MARK YOUR CALENDARS… Thursday, December 7, we would like to invite all parents to join us for our KG1 Winter Celebration, at 8:00 am in the cafeteria. We will send more information out next week.

Midweek Reminders

Hey all!

There is a lot going on this week, so please be sure to read the blog carefully to stay on top of everything!

Scholastic Book Orders
Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow! Please send them in your child’s folder tomorrow morning if you plan to purchase books.

Handwriting without Tears
Today in your child’s backpack came home the pieces that we use for letter formation.  If you are interested in practicing this letter formation at home, you can cut out the pieces and practice making the uppercase letters with them.

School Pictures
A reminder that school pictures are on Wednesday.  The children need to wear their UAS polo shirt.  Please make every effort to arrive on time as we have pictures first thing.

Even if you are not paying for school photos, please return the empty letter.  There is a bar code on there that will be used for pictures.

UAE Week
Next week, we need parents to come into the school to take the children around our National Day festivities.  If you are available to be responsible for a small group of students at 8:30 am on Wednesday the 29th, please sign up here.

Afterschool Care
UAS has opened another section of afterschool care, and the program has been renamed Caring Hands.  There will be supervision until 4:15. Please click on the link here for more information.

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