Week of Mar. 22nd

This week: A huge thank-you to all the moms who were able to come for our Mother’s Day celebration yesterday! We had a wonderful time preparing the gifts and performances so we hope you enjoyed them.  You can watch the video of our songs here.  We hope you feel appreciated for all the love and hard work you give!

We’ve enjoyed many Julia Donaldson books this week.  The children acted out the story of The Gruffalo with face masks, and learned some new words in sign language in What the Jackdaw Saw.  We also practiced finding rhyming words in these stories and making up rhyming words for our own names.

We also completed this unit of Sharing the Planet with continuing to watch the changes in our plants, making our own bird feeders from the maker-space room, and learning about and sorting different recyclable materials.  We read I Stink and thought about why it is important to have garbage men! The children have learned a lot about our environment and have developed a deeper appreciation for it.

Next week: No school until April 8th for spring break!

-Please upload one picture of what you and your child did over spring break in this folder.  We will share these pictures when we come back to school on Sunday the 8th.
-Your child should also wear the green class t-shirt on Sunday for free flow.

-Report cards will be posted on Tuesday April 10th.

-We will start swimming the week of April 29th. Please practice allowing your child to independently undress and dress him/herslef in preparation.

Items needed for each child for swimming are:

  • swimsuit (girls 2 piece for easy toileting throughout the day)
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Flip flops/crocs
  • UAS uniform labeled with student’s name


We are looking forward to our Mother’s Day event tomorrow!!

Here are some notes for our event:

  • The children are invited to dress in clothes from home for the celebration
  • In the morning, please drop your child off at the playground and head over to the cafeteria by 7:50.
  • We will start promptly so please do not be late. We will be singing a song first.
  • There will be a photobooth in the front lobby after the event for moms and their children so feel free to go afterwards to take your picture.


Also, dismissal on Thursday will be at 11:45 am for spring break.


Week of March 15th

This week:  The children have loved reading the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems.  These short books focus on the dialogue between the two main characters.  We have talked a lot about their personalities and the humor in each book.  Other books that we enjoyed this week are You Choose by Nick Sharratt, Once There Was a Seed by Judith Anderson, and Michael Recycle by Ellie Patterson.

After reading Michael Recycle and talking about how to save the earth, we went into the maker-space room to make something new out of something used.  The children had fun designing and creating their own items, making objects like a rocket and a piano.

During outside play, we have been diligent to work to help our seeds grow.  The children enjoy watering them every day and have been able to observe the growth over this week.  Some of our centers for this week included practicing letter sounds, looking at our first names and family names, and making crowns for 100s day.

Work coming home:  This week, we are sending home the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom page of upper and lowercase matching that the children did last week.

Next week:

  • Sunday – wear green class shirt and return book bag
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – return library book
  • Wednesday – Mother’s Day at 8 am
    • Children can dress in non UAS uniform for this event. This is held in the school cafeteria. After dropping off your child at the small playground please head over to the cafeteria – Please be sure to be on time to school.
    • If you are not able to attend PLEASE let me know ahead of time so that I can prepare your child.
  • Thursday – School dismissal is at 11:45am – The carpark gets very full, very quickly as the whole school finishes at the time on this day.
  • Spring break begins! No school until April 8th!


Two reminders:

  1. We are planning a surprise for mother’s day! Wives, please remind your husbands to complete their part of the surprise.
  2. Scholastic orders are due on Thursday! Please send those in soon.

Week of March 8th

This week: We enjoyed a week full of literature for UAS Book Week 2018.  We participated in many literacy activities, from reading in the jungle and at the beach to having mystery readers come in to read a story.  A HUGE thank-you to the parents for coming in as a mystery reader or for A Date with Dad.  The children loved having parents in the classroom and encouraging literacy together.  Lots of pictures on the Flickr account!

The children looked wonderful in their favorite book character costumes today! After their friends guessed their costumes, the children became authors and illustrators of their own books about their character.  They practiced drawing a picture, adding details, and adding letters/words.  Some have come today and others will come home on Sunday.  Please ask your child to read their book to you!

Centers for this week included exploring Dr. Seuss books, learning about word families and rhyming words, exploring letters with Chicka Chicka Boom Boomand practicing handwriting for letters D, B and P.

Work coming home:  This week, we’re sending home a painted face, a painting from outside centers last week, and a Dr. Seuss pattern hat.  We have also sent your invitation for our Mother’s Day celebration! Please do mark your calendars and plan to come on this special day!

Next week:

  • Sunday – please return book bag
    • please wear green class shirt for open inquiry
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – please return library books
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Scholastic magazine orders due

Scholastic magazines and book week

Good afternoon! We had a wonderful time with the dads who came in to read this morning.  Thank you so much for coming into school and showing the children how valuable reading is.

Just two notes for your attention:

1. Tomorrow is favorite book character day! Please ensure that your child is aware of the character behind his costume.  They will be writing books tomorrow based on their character.

2. Scholastic magazines have come home today! This is the best collection of books I’ve seen in Scholastic over the last three years, so please take advantage of the books on offer! We have read books by Mo Willems and Dr. Suess this week, and the children have particularly enjoyed those.

Those orders will be due on Thursday March 15th.

Thank you!

Week of Mar 1st

This week:  We continued learning about different cultures this week in preparation for International Day.  We read books about houses and food in different countries, dressed up in our country’s clothing or flag colors, and brought items in for show-and-tell.  The children have explored maps and have a growing appreciation for the diversity in our world!

We also enjoyed exploring seeds this week.  We looked at different seeds and compared their size, shape and color.  Today we planted them outside.  We look forward to seeing how they grow, but we read The Tiny Seed and saw how many different things can happen to a seed before it grows!

Work coming home:  This week we are sending home a world craft that the children started in class, along with name books that have a picture for every letter of the alphabet.  Please look through the books together and talk about the letters in their name and other words that start with the same beginning sound.

We are also sending home the March IXL skills for math and literacy.  Just a reminder that your children should be working on the Pre-K level online because Pre-K in the US is KG1 here.

Next week:  International Day is Saturday from 11 am-5 pm.  Hope to see you there!

This week is book week! If you signed up to be a Mystery Reader, please check the times and confirm that you can attend.  If you would like to sign up, please click here.

  • Sunday – please return the take-home book bags.  If they are not returned on time, other children are not able to take them home.
    • Please wear a t-shirt with words or the green class shirt.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday – please return library book
    • visiting author presentation
  • Wednesday – A Date with Dad scheduled for 8:05 am
  • Thursday – dress as your favorite book character

International Day and Book Week

Please find attached the information for our upcoming International Day and Book Week.

Week of Feb. 22

This week:  We enjoyed thinking about how plants grow this week.  We looked at plants on the playground and started planting our own melon seeds.  On day 3, we saw a small root start growing.  We learned that plants need soil, air and water to grow.  We also took a nature walk around the school and discussed nature vs. man-made, living vs. nonliving.

We began thinking more about the different countries we are from.  We read books about clothing around the world, and matched different outfits together during centers.  Other centers included an around-the-world game, making an earth from tissue paper, and practicing handwriting.

On Monday, Dr. Amna came in and taught us the importance of good handwashing.  Since then, we have practiced washing between our fingers, our wrist, the back of our hands, and our thumb.  It helps stop the spreading of germs!

Work coming home:  Today, the French flag and Greek Parthenon are coming home as the craft from our international rotations. This week we began to explore different countries, leading up to our International Day. Ms. Amber is teaching about France, Mrs. Beam about Greece, Ms. C-C about New Zealand and Mrs. D’cruz about China.

They are also bringing home a reflection page from The Earth Book of how they can help the earth.

Next week:

For Show and Tell next week, we are asking children to ONLY bring something from their Home Country (small flag, poster, photo, object, OR food to share – must be individual pieces for each student). Sunday students can bring on Thursday this week since there is no school.  Please look here to be reminded of your child’s show-and-tell day.

  • Sunday – NO SCHOOL – teacher PD day
  • Monday – please return book bags
  • Tuesday – please return library books
  • Wednesday – International Dress Day on Wednesday, Feb 28. Your child should wear their national dress or colors of their flag! Please note the date change.
  • Thursday

You should have received an earlier post from us this week, regarding a Parent Volunteer opportunity to be a Mystery Reader or A Date with Dad.  Please sign up here.   This is the week of March 4-8.


Two things are due back tomorrow

  • your child’s paper doll with your country’s national dress
  • optional: “Escape to Everywhere” book week t-shirt form and 30 dhs


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