Week of the 3rd of February

Our questions of the week:

Do you have a favorite songs?

Which song do you want to sing today?

Do you have any questions for the visitor?

Do you know what this is? (Kazoo)

Which song do you want to sing today?


Our learning objectives for the week:

9a. Uses language to express thoughts and needs; uses an expanding and expressive vocabulary

20a&b. Uses number concepts and operations: counts & quantifies

15c. Notices and discriminates discrete units of sound

15a. Notices and discriminates rhyme

15b. Notices and discriminates alliteration

Dear parents and KG2LA children,

I’m sure tomorrow will be a very busy morning so I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and goodbye. I have enjoyed working with this class so much this year. The children have wowed me with their progress and behaviour. Each child has a unique and beautiful quality and I will miss them all so much. It has been a very special year and I will always remember this class as the ones who kept me smiling even when I was huge and uncomfortable with the pregnancy! I hope to be back here at some point but for now I am going to spend some quality time at home with my children.

A reminder that school will end at 11.30am tomorrow.

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful summer.

Take care,

Ms Alvarez

Monday Cafeteria Lunch

On Monday we are giving the children a chance to buy their own food from the cafeteria. We are doing this for fun, to encourage the children to make choices and to buy their own lunch.
Please bring in AED 12 on Sunday. The teachers will collect the money ready for lunch on Monday.
The children will get a choice of…
  • rice or pasta (plain or with red sauce)
  • salad
  • piece of chicken
  • box of juice
           There will NOT be any other options.
 If they don’t like rice or pasta then they probably shouldn’t plan to buy and that is absolutely fine.
The food will be in a small box but we will still use trays so they can experience it.



Just a reminder about the KG2 party tomorrow. We would be very grateful if you could send in doughnuts and juice for the children in the grade. Children can wear their own clothes if they wish.

Thank you very much!

Dear parents,

I hope you are having a good week. Here are a few notes and reminders…

-The children visited the grade 1 classrooms this morning as part of their transition. They had a great time and behaved beautifully!

-We have Thursday and Sunday off for Eid- Eid Mubarak!

-Full days following Eid.

-After Eid Tuesdays will NOT be early release. Children should be picked up from class at 3pm as they are on other days.

-For our grade party on the 21st of June (for kids) please bring in juice and if possible some doughnuts too.

Thanks so much!!!


Dear parents,

I understand there may be some confusion with upcoming events so I will just clarify…

On June 7th at 8.30am in room 300 is the KG2LA end of year show. Parents are invited to attend and children can wear their own clothes.

On June 21st KG2 will be having a grade party. Please can parents send in juice. Children can wear their own clothes.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Miss A


We will be having a KG2 end of year party for the children on…

Thursday 21st of June

KG2LA will be responsible for providing juice. Please may I ask all parents to bring small cartons of juice on that day. If you could please bring a pack of 6 cartons each, it would be most appreciated.

Children can wear their own clothes on the day.


Hello all!

I’m back! It has been lovely to see the children this morning and see how much they have progressed in their learning over these last couple of months.

We are busy practicing for our end of year show. We will be sending home the children’s individual lines for the show today. Please help your child to learn their lines and speak confidently and clearly.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Miss Alvarez