Just a reminder about the KG2 party tomorrow. We would be very grateful if you could send in doughnuts and juice for the children in the grade. Children can wear their own clothes if they wish.

Thank you very much!

Dear parents,

I hope you are having a good week. Here are a few notes and reminders…

-The children visited the grade 1 classrooms this morning as part of their transition. They had a great time and behaved beautifully!

-We have Thursday and Sunday off for Eid- Eid Mubarak!

-Full days following Eid.

-After Eid Tuesdays will NOT be early release. Children should be picked up from class at 3pm as they are on other days.

-For our grade party on the 21st of June (for kids) please bring in juice and if possible some doughnuts too.

Thanks so much!!!


Dear parents,

I understand there may be some confusion with upcoming events so I will just clarify…

On June 7th at 8.30am in room 300 is the KG2LA end of year show. Parents are invited to attend and children can wear their own clothes.

On June 21st KG2 will be having a grade party. Please can parents send in juice. Children can wear their own clothes.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Miss A


We will be having a KG2 end of year party for the children on…

Thursday 21st of June

KG2LA will be responsible for providing juice. Please may I ask all parents to bring small cartons of juice on that day. If you could please bring a pack of 6 cartons each, it would be most appreciated.

Children can wear their own clothes on the day.


Hello all!

I’m back! It has been lovely to see the children this morning and see how much they have progressed in their learning over these last couple of months.

We are busy practicing for our end of year show. We will be sending home the children’s individual lines for the show today. Please help your child to learn their lines and speak confidently and clearly.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Miss Alvarez


Food drive!!!

Let’s give to the needy!

We have a box in our room that needs to be filled up by next week! Please send in canned foods, oil, flour, sugar, rice or macaroni pasta to fill up the box. Thank you!!!

Please see flyer below:

Raz Kids!

Dear Parents,

Please note that I have updated the reading levels of all our young readers and now  hoping to see all of the children using Raz Kids everyday for a quick read. Please remember that doing the quiz is very important as that is the key to move to the next level. Also, doing the quiz will help me to keep an eye on our student’s comprehension progress.

Please encourage your child to read at least one book every day or two completely with the quiz.

Happy reading to our super readers!!!

Last week in KG2LA!

Hello Parents!

Thursday turned out to be our special day as most of you showed your support towards reading and took the effort to be a part of our reading session. Thank you so much for coming!

We also had a wonderful surprise visit from Ms. Alvarez and little Cybil. The children were really excited and asked Ms. Alvarez a lot of questions regarding her baby. Ms. Alvarez will be joining back on May 28th.

Please note that there won’t be any home work sent during the month of Ramadan. So there is no worksheet in the folder today.

Few of last week’s highlights………….

  • In our UOI topic “Books Alive”, we are doing Author study and observed a few personal details and various works of Eric Carle.
  • In phonics we explored words ending with ug, ub, un, ut, ump, and, end & ing.
  • In reading, we focused on the parts of a story i.e. characters, setting, problem and solution. The children got to make their own story map for the story “Goldilocks and the three bears,” focusing on the four parts.
  • In our writing we attempted to write our first story. The children created their own story map for characters, setting, problem and solution and wrote a story based using first, next and last sequential language.
  • In math, we are still learning to subtract single digit numbers focusing more on understanding the correct language and words like e.g. more or less, bigger or smaller number, plus or minus and add or subtract.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me.