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UOI and Science

Dear Parents,

If your child is looking for something to do this weekend, or when it’s too hot to go outside, check out Steve Spangler Science! The web site is full of ideas for science experiments and products to inspire creativity and curiosity.

Our class tried the Blubber Glove Thursday as a way to understand how animals survive in the frigid waters of the Arctic and Antarctic. During our study of root, stem, and leaf structures and functions of plants and trees, we experimented with food coloring and celery. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens to the celery stalks over the weekend. Here’s a similar experiment you might like to try at home: Colorful Carnations.


Happy experimenting!


UOI Organism Project

Dear Parents,

The theme of our latest inquiry is Sharing the Planet. The children read, watched, experimented and discovered that plant and animal parts have uses which help meet their needs.


As a culminating activity next week, the students will sketch and create their own unique organism with Play Doh. They will choose its parts and explain their functions.


I will show the students examples from Ms. Thao’s 2016-2017 class (below) to help get them get started on their creative scientific creation. Please encourage your child to share his/her ideas with you this weekend, and how the parts they choose will help their organism find food, stay safe, etc.


Thank you for your support.

Below is the rubric we will use to evaluate this project.

Design a “super” organism that has different parts that help it survive and meet its needs.

You will draw a sketch of your “super” organism with labels.

Next you will create your design out of play-doh.

You will present your super organism to other students and explain the different parts.

You will answer questions about your model. (Why did you choose these parts and how do they work?)

More wet wipes needed

Dear Parents,

If you are out shopping and can pick up some more wet wipes for the class, we would really appreciate it. The children are eager helpers to keep our desks clean and germ-free!

Thank you!


  • 3km walk on Friday March 16

Hello everyone,

There is a lovely opportunity to get out in the fresh air with friends and family on Friday 16th March for a 3 km walk in Dubai Knowledge Park from 7.30am


The walkathon embodies the TECOM group’s dedication to uplifting, empowering and unifying our society. We Walk will particularly benefit people of determination with proceeds being donated to the Al Jalila Foundation for this cause.

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