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1KY Swimming starts Sunday

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Starting on Sunday, September 24th, Grade 1 students from 1KY will be taking swimming lessons during their PE class.   

The students will be in the pool under the supervision of a PE teacher, a swim instructor, a classroom teaching assistant and a lifeguard.  The last swim class will be on Thursday, October 5th.

The swim program that we used is based on the Canadian Red Cross program.  The students will be learning a variety of water safety skills, as well as learning and performing some basic swim strokes.  

Everyday students are required to bring in a swim bag:

  • a swim cap
  • a pair of goggles
  • a towel
  • a pair shoes that can be worn in the pool area (flip flops, sandals, crocs).

** Since it takes the 1st graders quite a long time to get dressed for swimming, we want the students to come to school with their swimming clothes underneath their uniforms.  This means that girls will need to wear a two-piece swimsuit = so they can easily remove the bottom piece to use the bathroom during the normal day.  The intention is to spend more time in the pool than in the dressing room.

All students are required to swim during PE whether they are advanced or beginners.  Students will only be excused from swimming with a signed doctor’s note for any serious conditions.

We look forward to the seeing your students in the pool this year!


Rob Calandra

PE Teacher


Unit of Inquiry 1 Solving Conflicts

Hello Parents,

Please find the attached Unit Letter for our first Unit of Inquiry.  This unit will run for 6 weeks (ending on Oct 19th).

For Parents who are new to the PYP Program:

PYP stands for Primary Years Program.

In the PYP, the Central Idea is a statement that reflects the main focus of the inquiry.  By the end of the unit, we will be looking for children to demonstrate an understanding of the Central Idea.

In all Units of Inquiry, we will be emphasizing certain characteristics and attitudes to help students understand the Central Idea.  In this first unit, we will explore what it means to be reflective and communicators.  We will also be focusing on the attitudes of empathyrespect, and tolerance.

Lines of Inquiry refer to the topic areas we will explore during the Unit.  They are guided by the teacher questions.

How can you help at home?

It’s hard for 6 year olds to begin to understand the value of communication and appreciating others’ perspectives!  Watch out for situations at home where compromise and communication are necessary.  Encourage children to express their needs clearly using specific words.   Also encourage them to be thinkers, and do problem solving of their own.

A great first week for Gr. 1KY!

We are building a caring classroom community of learners and inquirers. It has been wonderful getting to know each other, learning each other’s names and what’s special about each child. We will continue sharing the All About Me bags, interviewing each student, and cheering their names onto our word wall.

Grade 1KY read many wonderful books to inspire us to think and remember to be peace makers, not peace breakers. We read David Shannon’s books in class and in the elementary library, too! The students said hello to Ms. Leslie and Conejo. Other titles such as Chrysathemum by Kevin Henkes led an investigation into the number of letters in our names and how to take care not to hurt each other’s feelings.

The class investigated Magic Play Doh. The students made observations with just their eyes- wow was it hard to not touch it right away! They made predictions based only on what they saw through the plastic bags. When they started squeezing it, they were surprised- it changed color! All sorts of discussions broke out as to what caused it- paint, ink, food coloring? Students created many objects with their play doh and recorded their creations in pictures and writing.

We are learning and practicing procedures in the classroom, hallways, and lunchroom. The children are becoming more courteous listeners who are quiet and look at the speaker, and they are getting better at using zero voice level in the hallway to be considerate of other classes.

This week has been a time to administer beginning of the year assessments to learn about the children’s academic strengths and needs. We will finish up next week and begin covering the curriculum in earnest.

Thank you for entrusting your children to my care. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know them.

Coming soon: PHOTOS!



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