Graded Assessment

Students’ assessments went home for section 2 today, section 3 and 4 will be returned on Sunday and section 1 will be returned on Monday.   Parents, please review the assessment with your child, sign the exam and return it by the 26th of October.

Unfortunately many of students did not score as well as they may have hoped.  Please take this as a learning opportunity.  Discuss with your child what study strategies they used.

Questions you might want to ask:

When did you start studying?

How much time in the last two weeks did you spend on preparing for the quiz?

Did you ask Ms.Williams for help?

How did you use office hours at school?  

This assessment was a quiz.   Unfortunately, students may not retake the quiz.  However, if a student is interested in doing an extra credit project to improve their grade they may set up a meeting with me to discuss this option.

Please email me if you have any questions.




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