Study Guide for Upcoming Exam

Please see the message below that I sent to all the students on google classroom. There is a science exam on November 8th and 9th (depending on what section your child has science). We will spend class time next week reviewing the study guide. However, I do not recommend that students wait that long to start studying. I have encouraged all students to bring home their science notebook. It would also be a good idea for them to reread the article Earth’s Layers, that is located on google classroom. There is a section about Plate Boundaries that has not been taught yet. Those will be lessons from next week. Please encourage your child to start reviewing the information we have covered in class to help prepare them.
Thanks for your support.

I hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing long weekend.

Graded Assessment

Students’ assessments went home for section 2 today, section 3 and 4 will be returned on Sunday and section 1 will be returned on Monday.   Parents, please review the assessment with your child, sign the exam and return it by the 26th of October.

Unfortunately many of students did not score as well as they may have hoped.  Please take this as a learning opportunity.  Discuss with your child what study strategies they used.

Questions you might want to ask:

When did you start studying?

How much time in the last two weeks did you spend on preparing for the quiz?

Did you ask Ms.Williams for help?

How did you use office hours at school?  

This assessment was a quiz.   Unfortunately, students may not retake the quiz.  However, if a student is interested in doing an extra credit project to improve their grade they may set up a meeting with me to discuss this option.

Please email me if you have any questions.




Cause and Effect Summative Assessment

Next week students will have their first summative assessment of the year!  🙂

Students will be asked to choose a significant event in earth’s history that we have studied in class.  They may choose any event, except when theia collided with earth. The reason they may not select this event is because we analysed a cause and effect map with this event in class as practice. 

Parents you can support your child, by asking him or her to show you the notes we have taken in class.  I encourage you to discuss the events we have learned about and ask what event they want to choose for their assessment.

Students will not be able to use their notes.    Please help your child review for the assessment by having them study their notes and memorise the causes and effects for the event they have chosen.  It may be helpful for them to re-watch that portion of the film for make sure they have all the key information.

Please send me an email if you have any questions.