End of Year Design Challenge – A Celebration of Innovation and Learning

Students have been hard at work creating musical instruments out of recycled material.
Each group has built a wind, string and percussion instrument. They are ready to perform their science songs for you!
Please join us in the MPH for a middle school science assembly from 9-10 on Sunday the
18th of June. Some students will perform on stage, while others will perform to small groups. All students will be showcasing their work. We hope you can join us.

Game Day

Sound Games are due on Sunday June 4th for sections 3,4 and 1 and on Monday June 5th for section 2.

Students are expected to have all the materials for their games and to be ready to play at the start of class.  This is an assessment.  If a student for any reason does not have their game completed, they will be taking an exam on sound instead of making the game.  The due date for the game was today.  An extension has already been given.  This is part of the fourth quarter report card.

Parents, you can support your child by reminding them to work on their game if needed.  Please encourage them to review the rubric given to them on google classroom, to help make sure they have all the requirements.