Quiz Next Week

Dear Parents,

The message below was sent to your child on google classroom.  Please encourage your child to study a little bit each night before the quiz.

Message to all students on google classroom:

Quiz at the End of Next Week!

Section 1: Wednesday February 8

Section 2,3 & 4: Thursday February 9
Questions were created from class notes, this BrainPop video : https://www.brainpop.com/science/diversityoflife/fossils/

and the article we read in class titled Fossil 1: Fossilization. If you lost the article, it is on google classroom.

We are not going to take class time to review for the quiz. Successful students will:

• review their vocabulary notes,

• rewatch the video and take the brainpop quiz for practice

• reread the article and review the answers to the questions on the last page

If you have questions, I am more than happy to help you. Please see me before school, after school or at lunchtime so that I can clarify the information for you.
If you were absent, you will need to ask a friend to share their notes with you on the 5 key vocabulary words.
Take some time to study so that you can do well.