Quarter Two Grades and Reflection

In class students recorded all their major grades for the second quarter.  They wrote about what they were proud of and what they need to improve on.

Parents, please read over the reflection with your child.

I have asked the students to get a parent’s signature and return the reflection back to me.

Please email me if you have any questions.


Time Travel Project is Due at the End of this Week for Sections 1, 2, 4 Sunday for Section 3

Students can do their scientific sketches at home.  The comic strip or narrative (students can choose which one to work on) needs to be done in class.


The research for this project should have been completed.  The students were given research questions to help them.   Parents, you can support your child by asking them to show you their research.


This is the final summative assessment for quarter two.  Students, use your rubric and make good use of your class time.  Parents, please help your child with research.

History of the Earth – Geological Time Scale

This week students finished their timelines and began to study  geological time scale. Each student is to become an expert on ONE time period that interests them.

In class students began to do research on a specific geological time period.  The questions students used to help guide their research are posted on google classroom.  Parents, I encourage you to ask your child what they have learned so far about their time period and assist them in their research.

For the next two weeks, students will be working on completing the second half of their time travel project.


Time Travel Project Details:

2) Choose one specific time period

a) Write a descriptive narrative of one page describing your experiences in

that time. Your narrative will need to include descriptive language and details from        your research.


b) Create a comic strip describing your experiences in that time. Your comic will need to include descriptive language, labels and accurate details from your research

3) Labeled pictures of animals and plants. You will need to draw and color pictures of 5 organisms that you see. Advanced park rangers will bring home even more pictures.

4) Facts- you will need to make posters of the 5 most interesting facts of your time period.

The time travel project is due on January 19 for sections 1, 2 and 4 and on January 22 for section 3.   This is an assessment all work is to be done in school but research can be done at home.  There will be no tests for this unit on the history of the Earth.

This will be the final assignment for quarter 2.