Roblox : criminal vs cop

Don’t you get sick of getting beat up by your friends in a game? Well… I got beat in Roblox witch you guys probable know…

By my friend Joshua. In the game criminals vs swat. I was criminal and he was swat. When I tried my first time to rob the bank, I past though all the layers and robed the bank and I was successful. when I was planing to rob the bank a second time, but then Joshua came up to me and killed me with a gun, but Joshua put a tracker on me when I did not know. When I respond in the game, I walk out of my base and then some one sniped me!, I did not know who it was, but I though it was a coincidence. I walk out of my base AGAIN and got sniped! I started to get annoyed by who ever kept sniping me, so I opened chat and saw people saying “who is this guy who snipe?” So in my Brain I though it was some one hiding up in the air. I looked up but saw nothing there. But then on the edge of a huge rock I saw a guy with blue long hair witch reminded me oh Joshua because Joshua in the game had blue hair. So I came up to see it in a close up to him. It was Joshua!

So that’s when I knew I needed to get better at the game….

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